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Senior Freshman

You must choose modules equivalent to 60 ECTS credits, students must take six modules, choosing two modules from three out of the four disciplines available i.e. Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, Sociology.

Programme Requirements:

  • Philosophy - PI2008 and PI2009
  • Political Science -  Two of the Political Science modules on offer
  • Economics - EC2010 and EC2040*
  • Sociology - Two of the Sociology modules on offer, students intending to take single honor Sociology in their Senior Sophister year must take SO2310 and SO2360
Module Code Module Title ECTS Credits
EC2010 Intermediate Economics 10
EC2020* Economy of Ireland 10
EC2040 Mathematical and Statistical Methods 10
PI2008 History of Philosophy II 10
PI2009 Logic, Language and Science 10
Political Science
PO2610 History of Political Thought 10
PO2640 International Relations 10
PO2650 Comparative Politics 10
SO2310 Introduction to Social Research 10
SO2343 Gender, Work and Family 10
SO2350 Power, State and Social Movements 10
SO2360 Social Theory 10

Modules chosen in SF year will determine the range of modules available to you in JS and SS years.

SO2310 and SO2360 are mandatory prerequisites for students wishing to take the SO4200 sociology dissertation in their Senior Sophister year.

* Students who do not wish to continue with Economics after their Senior Freshman year may, if they wish, substitute EC2040 Mathematical and Statistical Methods with EC2020 Economy of Ireland. EC2010 Intermediate Economics is mandatory.