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Module Details for Introduction to Social Research SOU22012 (Part 2 HT)

Module Code


Module Name

Introduction to Social Research

Module Short Title

Qualitative Research

ECTS weighting


Semester/term taught

Hilary Term

Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing the module should be able to:

  • Describe the range of tools used in qualitative social research;
  • Select and apply appropriate research methods for investigating social phenomena;
  • Understand the challenges and risks posed to researchers and their subject in social research;
  • Assess the strength and weaknesses of selected methodologies;
  • Collect, analyse and report qualitative data appropriately;
  • Summarise and critically discuss sociological research reports and publication.
  • Discuss and write reflexively about the challenges and risks of research for subjects and researchers.

Module Content

In this introductory week we will approach the field of social research by treating the following questions. What is social research and what is the rationale behind it? What are the core elements characterizing the research project? Which important contextual factors may shape the conduct of social research? Moreover, we will elaborate the relationship between social science theory and social research. What is the role of theory in research and how both may be linked to research society? What are research questions, why do we need them and how to formulate them? How are basic epistemological and ontological considerations guiding our analytical lens to social problems? What philosophical and scientific viewpoints underpin qualitative and quantitative research as ‘strategies’ to tackle research questions 

Module Pre Requisite


Module Co Requisite


Assessment Details

Examination (100%)





















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