May 2000
Volume 1

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Obtaining and Configuring Adobe Acrobat
The [ PDF Version ] in articles is a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. This version can be viewed and printed using any program that can open and print PDF files, and allows the article to be seen exactly as it is in the journal. We suggest using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view and print articles in PDF format, and is available at no cost at Adobe's website.

1.The Acrobat Reader is available from the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software page. Follow the instructions on that page to download and install the software. After you have downloaded and installed the Acrobat Reader software, you need to configure your browser to open PDF files with it:

2.Go to Edit menu/Preferences/Navigator/Applications. 3.Click the New (or New Type) button in the Applications window. Enter the following information: Description PDF MIME Type application/pdf Suffixes, or Extension pdf Application Select your copy of Adobe Acrobat. (Select "Launch Application", if available)

Tips for Using Adobe Acrobat
Viewing and Printing
To view the PDF version of an article, click on the [ PDF Version ] link.
If the Acrobat Reader is present on your hard disk and if your browser is configured to open PDF files in Acrobat, you will retrieve a version of the article that looks very much like the article in the printed Journal.

Select Print under Acrobat's File menu to print this version.

Note that PDF files are very large and retrieving them may take several minutes. The speed depends primarily on the speed of your network connection, the volume of Internet traffic, and the speed of your own computer.

You must display the PDF version in the Acrobat Reader before it can be printed. Because PDF files are large, you should close any open PDF documents before opening a new one to avoid memory limitations.

Saving a PDF File
The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to view and print articles but it does not allow you to save an article to your disk. To do this, point to [ PDF Version ].
Hold down your mouse button on your Mac until a new menu appears.
If you use Windows, use the right button on your mouse to display the menu.
Select Save this Link as.... Under Format, select Source.
Type a name for the saved file and click Save.