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TSM to Trinity Joint Honours Progression

WHY do some TSM students need to move to the TJH Programme?

The TSM Course is ceasing on a phased basis and is being replaced by the Trinity Joint Honours (TJH) programme. Entry to the new TJH programme in the Junior Freshman year commenced in the 2019/20 academic year.
Is TSM the same as TJH? While TJH allows students to study two subjects together, the TJH programme has:

  • has a different course structure (common architecture) to TSM,
  • has different subject combinations and some TSM combinations are not available,
  • offers different pathways and exit routes instead of Patterns A, B and C, and
  • has a different degree weighting calculation.

WHO will be moved?

As TSM students’ progress through their years of study they could be affected if they must repeat the year or go off books for one or more years. This particularly affects TSM students who entered the JF year in 2018/19.
Do all TSM students need to move? If a TSM student passes their year and proceeds directly into the next study year, they will continue in the TSM Course and no further action is required.

WHAT happens when a student moves from TSM to TJH?

TSM to TJH Policy: A policy has been approved to ensure that TSM students are not disadvantaged by the cessation of the TSM Course. The Policy document includes full details of what options are possible for TSM students at each stage of their course and is available at on the TSM website here.
What’s the impact? The impact of the move differs depending on the year of study, combination and/or, in the Senior Sophister year the student’s TSM pattern. Not all TSM combinations are available in TJH and there may be some restrictions for individual students on pathway and exit routes.
How is the move assisted? Students will be assisted to move in to either their existing combination (or a new combination if required in JF and SF), and on to an eligible pathway and exit route in TJH. They are assisted by the TSM Course Office, and once moved to TJH, by the Undergraduate Common Architecture (UCA) Office.

What do students need to do?

  • Check the status of their combination to see if it is Continuing, Ceasing, or Ceasing Pillar Possible in the sophister years - see link to TSM to TJH Grid below or contact the TSM Course Office.
  • Complete the relevant TSM to TJH Form as soon as possible – see links to info and forms for each year below. Either prior to return or immediately after the publication of Reassessment session results, whichever is sooner. This will ensure we can move you asap and get you assigned to modules and teaching etc.
  • Respond to all correspondence from the TSM and UCA offices promptly and check the TSM website for updates nearer the time.
  • Contact the TSM Course Office with any queries.
  • Further information, please see list of links below.

What will the TSM Course Office do?

  • Provide information on the process to students and staff,
  • Move students to TJH and have the portal updated accordingly,
  • Record student choice on chosen pathway / exit route,
  • Liaise with the UCA Office to ensure former TSM students are set up fully as new TJH students,
  • Assist with any queries.

What will the UCA Office do?

  • Assign students to their chosen pathway / exit route,
  • Assist with any TJH queries.

Information on Options and Restrictions and TSM to TJH Forms are available here:

Junior Freshman TSM to TJH from 2019/20 onwards
JF Form
Senior Freshman TSM to TJH from 2020/21 onwards
SF Forms
Junior Sophister TSM to TJH from 2021/22 onwards
JS Forms
Senior Sophister TSM to TJH from 2022/23 onwards
SS Forms


WHEN do I need to complete the TSM to TJH Form by?

Forms will be available for affected students on the TSM Course website:
Annual Session: for students returning from being Off books and those who have permission to repeat the year from that session.
Reassessment Session: for students who must repeat the year either through failure or request to defer, from that session.
Please complete and submit the web form as soon as possible so we can help you get set up in your new programme with module choice, timetable etc.

WHERE can I get more information?

FAQ TSM to TJH Process

Q: I’m a TSM JS student who needs to repeat the year 2021/22. Why am I restricted in some of my exit route choices?
A: The course structure in TJH is not the same as in TSM so you may not have covered the required number of credits in your previous years to be eligible for one/some of the TJH exit routes.

Q: How do I find out if I am on a continuing or ceasing combination?
A:. Please check out either our Combinations grid where red indicates a ceasing combination and green a continuing one, or the list of ceasing TSM combinations.

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