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Transcripts, Documents and Forms


Before requesting a transcript, please check the requirements for the University/Employer etc. you are applying to. They should specify exactly what detail you need. Is it just a statement or do you need more detail, and if so, what detail?

Academic Transcript available from Academic Registry (AR):

This transcript includes details of all module*, subject and overall course results, with ECTS, for each academic year. If requesting after completion of the SS year it also includes your degree results. For more information and to submit a Transcript request form please visit the Academic Registry Transcripts web page here. Select Undergraduate, then TSM, and then click the link for the request form. Please specify in the “additional Information” box if you also require a PDF copy and provide your TCD email address. If you have any queries, please contact Academic Registry.
* Please note that module and ECTS details are only provided for results from 2012/13 onwards.

Module Results pre-2012/13 available from TSM Departments:

If your results are wholly or partly from pre-2012/13, and you need a transcript detailing your modules results for these years, please request a Subject transcript from both of your departments, and please submit your request well in advance of your application deadline. If you need the subject transcript to state module credits, please request this at the time. A list of TSM department webpages is available, to help find contact details.

TSM Transcripts and Statements available from the TSM Course Office:

The AR transcript is very detailed and is quite sufficient for most requirements. However, we are aware that some Universities or employers may require an alternative statement / academic transcript. The TSM Course Office will aim to assist in providing such documentation, where possible. If you require assistance from the TSM Course Office, please contact We will check with you what you need and provide a TSM Course Office web form link for you to complete if necessary. The TSM Course Office will send the completed document in PDF format.

Please allow at least 10 working days for receipt of your transcript. Please note that requests to Departments and the TSM Course Office during an Assessments results period may take longer as results are our priority at these times.

Documents and Forms

The Academic Registry Service Desk can provide letters of certification to current students as well as graduates of the College, and can provide the official College stamp for a range of forms. For more information on the types of documents available and assistance provided please visit the Academic Service Desk or the Academic Registry Documents and Forms web page. For proof of registration, the standard registration letter can be self generated through your portal.

Any Queries?

Please contact Academic Registry or the TSM Course Office.