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Sophister Pattern & Major/Minor Choices - SF 2019/20 Outgoing in JS year 2020/21

Deadline for submitting Choice Form: Friday 09 April 2020 [This deadline is not application at the moment]


Current Senior Freshman students intending on participating in a full year or half year Erasmus/Study Abroad exchange programme in their Junior Sophister year must submit their choice to the TSM & TJH Course Office no later than Friday 09 April 2020. Please check that you satisfy any course prerequisites necessary for your choice of pattern and major/minor subject and discuss any subject-related queries with your departments and Erasmus/Study Abroad Coordinators before submitting your choice to the TSM & TJH Course Office. Please note your choice of pattern (if relevant) and major subject can affect departmental approval to participate in an Erasmus/Exchange programme. The deadline for submitting Choice Forms for SF students in the academic year 2019/20 is Friday 09 April 2020.


  • Outgoing Pattern A 2019/20 Choice Form

  • Outgoing Pattern B 2019/20 Choice Form

Please make sure you have read the important information below before submitting your choice. Please complete the form relevant to you (A or B (or C)) and submit it by the DEADLINE of 09 April 2020. Please ensure that you complete your form correctly.

Important information for all SF TSM Student intending to go on a full or half year exchange in their Junior Sophister year 2020/21

Check your eligibility, get information etc

Some TSM subjects have pre-requisites or JS module requirements for those intending to major in their subject. Please also see our web pages on Independent Project and Dissertation Requirements. It is your responsibility to check with your department(s) if any of these issues, or any other issues, affect your eligibility for your choice, prior to submitting your choice. If you need further general information before making a decision you could contact your department(s), check your subject course handbook, the Careers Advisory Service, your Tutor, etc.

TSM Patterns A and B

PATTERN A Both subjects are studied equally for all four years and degree results are based on examinations taken in the Senior Sophister (fourth) year.
PATTERN B Both subjects are studied equally for the first three years, and one subject only (the Major subject) is studied in the SS year. Degree results are based on examinations taken in the Junior Sophister (third) and Senior Sophister (fourth) years.

Pattern A or B?

If you are on one of the the following combinations you can choose either Pattern A or B:

Pattern A Combinations
Economics and Geography, German, Mathematics, Philosophy or Sociology
Geography and Economics, German, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, or Sociology
German and Economics, Geography, Jewish & Islamic Civilisations, or World Religions & Theology
History and Geography
Jewish & Islamic Civilisations and German
Mathematics and Economics, Geography, or Philosophy
Philosophy and Economics Geography, Mathematics, or Sociology
Sociology and Economics, Geography, or Philosophy
World Religions & Theology and German

Pattern B Only
If you are not on one of the above combinations then you MUST take Pattern B and must choose your major and minor subjects.

Pattern C - Out-going Erasmus/Study Abroad Students

Pattern C Choice Form

Where a Junior Sophister full-year Erasmus/Study Abroad Exchange in both subjects cannot be arranged to the satisfaction of the schools or departments concerned, students may seek permission for an exchange in one subject only: such an exchange must be undertaken for the full Junior Sophister year and will require the student to terminate study in the other subject with an examination at the end of the Senior Fresh year. This will result in a modified form of degree certificate which will indicate that only one subject has been studied to degree level. The second subject will be noted on the degree certificate as a subsidiary qualification. Pattern C is not available in the Senior Fresh year. Students wishing to apply for pattern C are required to complete the Pattern C Choice Form [not currently available] by the last day of Hilary term of their Senior Fresh year. Students opting for pattern C are advised to consider their options fully before doing so and discuss their choice with both departments. Students are also advised to contact the TSM and TJH Course Office to discuss their choice.

Further information on Pattern C can be found in the University Calendar, Part II Undergraduate Studies, Part C 2, Two-subject moderatorship courses, No 8 "Pattern C".

Choice Approval and Deadline

Following the deadline for submission of choices the TSM & TJH Course Office will contact all relevant Heads of Department and Study Abroad Coordinators to seek their approval for each student's choice. Please check your subject requirements carefully before submitting your choice. Students will be notified as soon as possible if approval is not granted. All outgoing TSM Senior Freshman students are therefore strongly advised to consult their departments and Study Abroad Coordinators before submitting their choice form. If a department does not give approval for your choice, due to departmental regulations on pattern or major/minor choice while on exchange, module choice or pre-requisite reasons etc, you will be informed as soon as possible. Students submitting their choice forms after the deadline are not guaranteed their choice.

Ineligible to participate or choose not to study abroad

If a student is either ineligible to participate in an exchange or is eligible but chooses not to participate and instead remain in Trinity for their JS year, these students may submit another choice form in their JS year at the same time as all other TSM JS students.

Degree Title and Weightings

Degree Title: TSM Pattern A or B students who successfully complete the SS year achieve the degree 'Bachelor in Arts (Moderatorship (B.A. with honors)) in Subject X and Subject Y'.

Degree Weightings:

Pattern A The Overall Degree result and grade is calculated on the SS year only, both subjects are weighted equally.

Subject 1 SS
Subject 2 SS
Overall Degree Result

Pattern B The Overall Degree result and grade is based on JS and SS results in both the Minor and Major Subjects. The JS year accounts for 50% of the degree, with both subjects weighted equally. The SS year accounts for the remaining 50%. The Minor Subject is 25% and the combined Major Subject is 75% of the Overall Degree result.

Minor Subject JS
Major Subject JS
Major Subject SS
Major Subject JS + SS
Overall Degree Result

Change Request

There will be a change request facility which aims to assist TSM students who, for exceptional reasons, wish to request a change in their choice. IMPORTANT: Please note that NO change requests in the change request period are guaranteed! All such change requests are subject to departmental approval based on issues such as timetabling, module choice and pre-requisite modules, preparation of module choices for SS and departmental SS planning issues, etc. Please note that change requests are more difficult for students on Erasmus/Study Abroad. Please be mindful that the Learning Agreement will be agreed and approved with the relevant Pattern/Major/Minor choice in mind. Students are strongly advised that if they wish to request a change while abroad that this may affect their choice of modules while abroad and would therefore require changes to their Learning Agreement which would have to be approved by the relevant Study Abroad Coordinators.

The Change Request forms for students on Erasmus/Study Abroad in 2019/20 are available below. The deadline for requests is 29/05/2019 for those whose final results are published in the Annual session and 18/09/2019 for those whose final results are published at the Reassessment session:


  • Outgoing Pattern A Choice Form Change Request Form
  • Outgoing Pattern B Choice Form Change Request Form

Further Information - College Calendar

"Choice of pattern and pattern B major/minor subject

19 All Junior Sophister students must choose their pattern (where relevant), and if pattern B, their major and minor subjects and submit their choice to the TSM Course Office, not later than the last day of semester one (Michaelmas term) in the Junior Sophister year. Students who are participating in a Junior Sophister exchange must choose their pattern (where relevant) and if pattern B, their major and minor subjects not later than the last day of semester two (Hilary term) in the Senior Freshman year. This choice must meet with the approval of both schools or departments".

University Calendar, Part II Undergraduate Studies, Part II, Two-subject moderatorship courses

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