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Two Subject Moderatorship (TSM) Course

TSM is a cross-faculty course with courses in two of the three faculties in Trinity.

TSM has 26 diverse subjects, 183 separate combinations, and two main patterns. Please follow this link to a grid which shows all possible subject combinations. TSM is a joint honors Arts degree that allows students to study two subjects to degree level. The two subjects are taught independently from one another. It is a four-year full-time degree course. The two main study patterns in TSM are:

Pattern A: Students study both subjects for four years (not available for all subjects)
Pattern B: Students study both subjects for three years and only one of the subjects (major subject) in the fourth year. The major subject is chosen in the third year.

The course leads to a Bachelor of Arts (Moderatorship (B.A. with honors)). Both TSM subjects are named in the degree title.

Please also see the TSM Programme Learning Outcomes.