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TSM Course Office

The TSM Course Office is responsible for the general management and administration of the TSM Course, including managing the processing and publication of the TSM end of year results and progression. The TSM Course Office is a student-centred office and it provides course-level support for all TSM students past and present, the ADUCA, and to staff in the TSM-constituent Schools and Departments and across College.

College and Course regulations are set out in The University Calendar, General Regulations and Information, and in particular, in the Undergraduate Studies - Part II and Two-Subject Moderatorship Courses sections

Subject-level information is available from the relevant Department and/or School. Please click here for a full list of all Schools and Departments linked to the TSM course.

The TSM Course Office is located in Room 3135, Arts Building, Trinity College, Dublin 2, all of our contact details are on our Contact Us webpage.


ADUCA: Dr Graeme Murdock. The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Common Architecture (ADUCA) is responsible for the academic leadership of the TSM Course and Course Office. Graeme Murdock was appointed to this role in September 2020. Dr Murdock is Associate Professor in European History in the School of Histories and Humanities.

TSM Course Administrator: Andrea Yeates. The TSM Course Administrator manages all administration of the TSM Course, the TSM Course Office and provides administrative support to the ADUCA.

Senior Executive Officer: The Senior Executive Officer provides support for the Course, ADUCA and Course Administrator.