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TSM to Trinity Joint Honors Progression

Trinity Joint Honors (TJH) is a new course with new curriculum architecture which began in the 2019/20 academic year, replacing TSM. The majority of TSM combinations will continue in the TJH course. Unfortunately, a number of TSM combinations will NOT continue in the new TJH course.

Please read the TSM Student Progression Issues and Risk Management Policy (TSM to TJH) with effect from 2019/20 onwards:

Information for TSM SF 2019/20 students who are either repeating/deferring the year or returning from off books in 2020/21

Due to the phased cessation of TSM, you will be moved to the Trinity Joint Honors (TJH) programme which has the new curriculum architecture, by the TSM Course Office
Reasons why you may need to move to TJH include:

  • Returning from being off books to the SF year.
  • Repeating the year (due to not passing assessments)
    • Please note it is not possible to repeat off books with assessment in TSM SF 2020/21
  • Deferring the year due to personal/medical reasons

If you pass the Senior Freshman year at the Reassessment session and are proceeding directly into the JS year in 20/21, you will continue with TSM and no further action is required.

What you need to do

  • Check if your TSM combination is continuing or ceasing:
    • If your combination is continuing (green) then you will need to pick your pathway
    • if your combination is ceasing then you need to change to a new TJH combination, keeping one of your subjects, and relevant pathway
    • Please read the information below for either continuing or ceasing TSM combinations, depending on which one you are in.

The TSM Course Office will

  • receive your TSM to TJH form
  • seek approval for choices from relevant departments
  • advise AR to update your pathway and/or combination
  • contact you to inform you when this is done

Is your TSM combination continuing or ceasing?

Here is a list of ceasing TSM combinations.

The TSM combinations grid can be found here which is coloured to highlight the ceasing (Red), continuing (Green) and new Joint Honors (Blue) combinations.

list of ceasing tsm combinations
tsm combinations grid

Continuing/Green Information
If you are in a continuing combination (Green), you may repeat that year but as a Trinity Joint Honors student and with the new curriculum architecture. You will be moved to the TJH programme in that combination by the TSM Course Office. You will then have to:

Ceasing/Red Information
If you are in a ceasing combination (Red), you will need to be moved to a Trinity Joint Honors combination in the SF year. You will need to:

  • Choose a TJH combination, which retains one of your subjects,  and check you have the entry regulations (CAO points 2019 and special requirements)
  • Fill out the form on the TSM website (TSM form here) indicating your preferred new combination (you may enter three in order of preference) and your chose pathway for each choice.
  • Await decision – TSM will check with Departments and advise you of the outcome
  • Read emails we send and check the TSM website for updates nearer the time

Psychology: (for repeating/deferring students) If one of your subjects is Psychology and you wish to retain to Psychology, you may request a move to Single Honors Psychology which the TSM Course Office will process, following consultation with the School of Psychology (DUTL). You do not need to apply for a transfer in this case.

Transfer to non-TJH or SH Psychology course: If you do not wish to take up another TJH subject and instead prefer to a transfer to a non-TJH (except SH Psychology) course, then you must apply for this transfer, via your Tutor, in the usual way. The TSM Course Office will not be able to process this request for you.

Extract from the TSM to TJH Student Progression Risk Management Policy [pdf647kb], please read the document for further information:

  • 8. In the SF year, TSM students in a ceasing combination may not choose two subjects which are new to them in their TJH combination: they must retain one TSM subject of their choosing.
  • 9. SF students in ceasing combinations who must repeat the year in TJH, their pathway and exit route options are based on the Single Honors with new minor subject model.
  • 10. SF students in ceasing combinations who must repeat the year in TJH, must take 40 ects in the subject they are continuing with, in their SF repeat year. The continuing subject will then be Subject 1 and the new subject, which is commenced in the SF year, will be Subject 2 in the Common architecture structure.

For your Information


The process will open after the publication of the reassessment results on 11 September 2020. Please submit the form to TSM as soon as possible.

TSM 20/21 Junior Sophister and TSM 21/22 Senior Sophister Students

Ceasing/Red category JS or SS students in future years (2020/21 and 2021/22 respectively) who must repeat or delay progression (e.g. repeat year, defer, off books) will be treated exceptionally.
These cohort of students will be permitted to keep their combination but will move to the Joint Honors structure. They must follow the Trinity Joint Honors curriculum architecture.
Taking up new subjects will not be allowed in the Sophister years.

FAQ TSM to TJH Progression

Q: I’m a TSM SF student who needs to repeat the year 2020/21. Why can’t I choose the Joint Honors pathway?
A: Under the TEP Curriculum Architecture rules, you need to study both subjects continuously over all four years of the programme (JF-SS), and to have achieved a minimum of 100 ECTS in each subject over these four years, to qualify for the Joint Honors degree.

Q. I’m a TSM SF repeating student, why can’t I repeat OBA?
A. The balance of credits in TSM (30/30) are different to any pathway in SF TJH. Also, when you are permitted to repeat OBA, you just repeat what you failed in your TSM SF year, you can’t take up any new modules.
Q. How do I find out if I am on a continuing or ceasing combination?
A. Please check out either our Combinations grid where red indicates a ceasing combination and green a continuing one, or the list of ceasing TSM combinations.
Q. I’m in a ceasing combination, how do I choose a new combination?
A. Please fill in and submit the online form [to be uploaded]. You can enter up to three choices in order of preference. Please make sure to keep one of your existing subjects. Further details are available here.
Q. How do I check I am eligible for my chosen new combination?
A. Please ensure you have the minimum CAO points and any subject specific requirements (e.g. H3 in leaving cert). The 2019 CAO final points and the subject requirements are listed here.
Q. I don’t have enough CAO points for any combination. What happens to me?
A. Don’t worry, we will help you find a combination. Please submit a form with choices matching as near to your points as possible. We will then contact the relevant department to confirm they will accept you. Even if you don’t have the points, you will still need to have any subject specific requirements though.