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Institutional Review of Trinity

- What is an Institutional Review?

an evaluation by an external review team of the effectiveness of an institution's internal quality assurance procedures for education, training, research and services to ensure that agreed quality standards are being met

- What does it mean for Trinity? It is an opportunity

  • To demonstrate that we have governance processes that meet our responsibilities as an autonomous self-awarding body to quality assure our education, research & related activities*
  • For self-reflection and analysis as well as showcasing our quality assurance and enhancement activities through case studies of specific initiatives, strategic projects or events
  • To deliver a coherent institutional narrative on quality across academic and non-academic areas.
  • To benefit from the expertise of the External Review Team members from peer institutions worldwide

(* Universities Act 1997; QQI Act 2012 ; QQI Quality Assurance Guidelines, Polices and Codes; European Recognition Principles, Conventions and Guidelines including the European Qualifications Framework; Professional & Statutory Accreditation Standards; National and international Best Practice Guidelines).

- Why is the Institutional Review important?

  • It's important to Trinity's reputation as Ireland's leading university.
  • It lends support to Trinity strategic ambitions in terms of our:
    • Rankings Strategy
    • Recruitment of international students
    • Engagement in international partnerships - Columbia University, CHARM-EU.
  • It protects our autonomy as a Designated Awarding Body and promotes public confidence in the quality of our Awards on the National Qualifications Framework.
  • The review report will receive media and social media attention and will be viewed by our external stakeholders- HEA, Research Funding Bodies, Partners.

- What does this mean for you? You might be asked to...

  • provide input to the Institutional Self-Evaluation Report (ISER) via a focus group/survey/town hall meeting;
  • contribute data or information to help frame the draft/final ISER Report;
  • contribute a case study on a quality assurance and enhancement effort, or initiatives in which you/your area has been involved;
  • participate in a meeting with the review panel during the 5-day site visit 18-22 October 2021;
  • participate in planning for implementation of actions arising from the review post-March 2022.

- What to expect during the week of the review

  • The review team will hold approx. 30 meetings and meet c. 200 staff, students and stakeholders. They will:

    • hold 'Café style' meetings with a diverse range of students (UG, PGT, PGR, international, mature).
    • hold 'Café style' meetings with a range of academic teaching staff from all of the Faculties.
    • meet specifically with academics involved in Institutional Research - Trinity Research Institutes, Research Centres, Research Themes.
    • meet with Faculty Deans, Heads of Schools/Departments with devolved responsibility for quality assurance and enhancement.
    • meet staff involved in Student Services and Teaching & Learning Support.
    • meet external stakeholders, partners, collaborators, professional bodies

- Journey to the Institutional Review

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