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Information for Students

At Trinity, students are encouraged to engage both formally and informally to shape their teaching and learning. The Student Partnership Policy aims to promote an environment which empowers the student voice by encouraging students to give "honest, constructive feedback by partaking in module surveys, student-staff liaison committee meetings, focus groups and professional accreditation reviews", by "sharing opinions with class reps, school convenors, faculty convenors and sabbatical officers" and through "increased participation in all Quality Reviews".

Are you a Student rep or leader?

If so, you may be asked to source students from within your class or year to participate in a focus group as part of a Programme review or to meet with the Review team during the site visit for a School or Trinity Research Institute (TRI) review. As much as possible, please ensure that a mix of students is selected in terms of gender, nationality, age, cohort/year and background.

Are you a Student participating in a focus group?

Staff and student focus groups are often held in advance of a Programme review. These focus groups are a good way for the Programme Director/Co-Ordinator and Head of School to obtain feedback from students on their experiences of being on the Programme. They follow a SWOT format, identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The outcome of the focus groups will help to identify areas for consideration as part of the Review and will feed in to the Self-Assessment Report (SAR).

These focus groups are always facilitated by the Academic Secretary or a member of the College community who is independent of the Programme under review or the School with which it is associated. All comments and opinions expressed by you as part of the focus group will be treated in the strictest of confidence, and are anonymised. Comments will not be attributed to individuals in the Self-Assessment Report (SAR).

Are you a Student meeting the review team?

As part of the Review process for academic areas, students are invited to meet with the Review Team during their site visit to Trinity. The Head of School, Programme Director or Institute Director will not be present during these meetings and the notes taken during the meetings by the official note taker are confidential, and are provided only to the Review team. Comments are not attributed to individual students in order that students can provide honest and constructive feedback.