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Information for External Reviewers

If you have agreed to act as an External Reviewer for a Quality Review, the Quality Office is here to answer any queries that you might have, either before or after the review.

External Reviewer:

•  Six weeks prior to the review - Reviewers are forwarded a self-assessment report (SAR) and relevant information for review, along with a draft schedule of meetings.

•  Three weeks prior to the site visit - Reviewers are invited to participate in a teleconference with other members of the review team and with staff from the Trinity College Quality Office.

•  A two - three day site visit to Trinity will take place, during which the review team will meet with staff, students, external stakeholders and College Officers, and tour the various facilities.

•  Following the onsite visit, the Reviewers are required to submit a draft report within three weeks and a final report within six weeks.

•  Reviewers are not required to organize their own transport and accommodation. This is done by the Quality Office, who book all Reviewer flights and accommodation for the site visit to Dublin.

•  Reviewers are paid an honorarium and are remunerated for any expenses incurred in the course of the review.

Payment Information for Quality Reviewers

In January 2019, the Irish Revenue introduced a change of tax regulations for Quality Reviewers. Key points under this change include:

  • Quality Reviewers in the Republic of Ireland :
    - The Irish Revenue have determined that, from the 1 January 2019, all fee payments to Quality Reviewers based and registered for tax in the Republic of Ireland must go through HR Payroll.
    - Newly appointed Quality Reviewers must include their PPS number on the expense claim form in order to facilitate payment. Tax is deducted at source for the fee component of the payment while expenses are not subject to tax.

  • Quality Reviewers resident outside the Republic of Ireland :
    Under the new regulations Quality Reviewers from outside the Republic of ireland must apply for a a PPS number in order to facilitate payment and taxation via HR payroll. Information for PPS numbers can be found at Please apply for the PPS Number using the application form entitled 'PPS Number Exceptional Registration Application Form'. Please note that the application form entitled 'PPS Number Third Party consent form' does not apply. The PPS Number application process must be completed prior to submitting the Reviewers Claim Form (Excel format) which is used for payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses. Details should be in euro's and hard-copy of receipts should be attached to the form. If the Reviewer does not apply for a PPS Number, they will be subject to a higher level of tax for days worked in Ireland.
  • Electronic bank transfer payments are for SEPA compliant account only.  Non-SEPA compliant accounts are issued by cheque, and thus Bank A/C details are not required on the External Examiner Payments Requisition Form from non-SEPA-compliant accounts.

Reviewers can submit their final report directly to the Quality Office or by completing the on-line form.

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Feedback from Reviewers on their experience of the Quality Review process at Trinity and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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