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Towards Women in Science and Technology (TWiST) was an EU FP7-funded project which raised awareness of the wide ranging roles played by women in science, engineering and technology, and highlighted the importance of gender within science research. WiSER was a partner in the project, which ran from 2010-12.

The TWIST project addressed the challenge posed by the disproportionately low number of women in many scientific fields through an ambitious programme of co-ordinated activities throughout science centres and museums in Europe.

The aim of TWIST was to challenge the general public's perception of who carries out scientific research and how it is carried out. Visitors to science museums were be encouraged to discuss whether there is a gendered perception of science and those who participate in science, and how biological, social and cultural constructs impact on these perceptions.

TWiST Partners were:

Science Museums

  • Experimentarium, Denmark
  • Fondazione IDIS, Italy
  • NEMO, Netherlands
  • The House of Experiments, Slovenia
  • Tenikens Hus, Sweden
  • Bloomfield Science Museum, Israel
  • Science Gallery, Ireland

Other Partners

  • Kings College London, United Kingdom
  • ASDO, Italy
  • The European Network for Science Centres & Museums Europe
  • Centre for Women in Science & Engineering Research (WiSER), Ireland