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Click the Play button below to watch the introductory video for this session.


Download and print the Change Management for Gender Equality worksheet to help you complete the online tasks while undertaking this session.

Task 1: Download

Download the key diagrams for your reference:

SAGE Model for Institutional Change

SAGE Wheel Model for Gender Equality Plans

Task 2: Watch

As an introduction to the concept of change management please watch the following TEDx video. Here change management expert Rosabeth Moss Kanter outlines six success factors to leading positive change, including lining up partnerships, managing those who resist change, and the importance of sharing success with others. Kanter’s work stresses the importance of change as an evolving process which requires stability, continuity, and adaptability.

Task 3: Read

What can higher education institutions (HEIs) do to be able to deliver more change outcomes to greater effect? Take some time to read the Deloitte’s take on such a task in their short document: Seven principles for effective change management: sustaining stakeholder commitment in higher education.


Click the link below to study the presentation, and when you have finished please return to this page to complete the tasks.

Study the presentation Change Management for Gender Equality.

Please note: permission has been granted by the SAGE partners to use all quotes referenced in the session presentation. Voices are for illustrative purposes only and not the original speaker of the source.


Task 1: Watch and write

Watch the following video entitled Lewin’s Force Field Analysis which looks at the balance between the forces driving change and forces resisting change within an organisation or business.

Now that you have watched the above video, can you identify:

  • Three forces for change influencing your institution?
  • Three forces resisting or restraining change impacting on your institution?

Write your answer under Apply Task 1 on the session worksheet.

Task 2: Write

Referring to the SAGE Wheel Model for Gender Equality Plans, and the four areas for action, suggest one action your unit or institution could take for each of the four key areas:

  • Institutional governance
  • Career progression
  • Work-life balance
  • Engendering knowledge

Feel free to consult the gender equality plan actions implemented by the SAGE institutions as outlined in the session presentation. You will also find further resources on the SAGE project website, in the 'Plan' section of 'Tools and Training'.

Write your answer under Apply Task 2 on the session worksheet.


Task 1: Watch and write

How well equipped are you to adapt to change? With this question in mind, watch the following TEDx Nantwich video of Jessica Jones, a professional in change management, discuss how adaptability will help you deal with change. She discusses four key influences on our ability to adapt to change: purpose, inquisitiveness, resilience and threat.

Now that you have watched the above video, reflect on and write a brief answer to the following questions in relation to your professional or personal life, in whichever area you think is relevant:

  • What is your own purpose, goal or aim? What would you like to change?
  • What questions do you have about the problems or changes you face?
  • How have you overcome set-backs in the past and what did you learn from the experience?
  • What makes you feel under threat, and what makes you feel safe?

Write your answer under Reflect Task 1 on the session worksheet.


This quiz activity contains a series of questions on the content of this session, and is designed to assist you to review the key points covered in the session material. You can take the quiz as many times as you like, and feedback is provided to help explain the correct answers.

Click here to begin the quiz.



Visit website FESTA (Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia) and read the Handbook on Resistance to Gender Equality in Academia, (2016).

Read Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s Harvard Business Review article on change management: To Master Change, First Dread It, (2009).

Read Ken Hultman’s 2003 paper titled: Managing Resistance to Change from the Encyclopedia of Information Systems, 3, 693–705.


Watch Jim Riley discuss the concept of change management - the process by which businesses respond to changes in their environment: Change Management (overview)

Watch this short animation which questions do people really resist change in Overcoming Resistance to Change - Isn't It Obvious?