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Broad Curriculum

The Broad Curriculum was an initiative established in College with the help of private funding in 2001. This established temporary Broad Curriculum lectureships which provided the impetus for Departments to develop modules that would broaden students reading outside their own specialist discipline. Trinity currently offers Broad Curriculum modules in global environmental change, business studies, literature, film studies, geology, history, art and society, linguistics, law, philosophy, psychology, politics, science and sociology.

Broad Curriculum modules for Sociology students

Students taking Sociology as either a single honours, joint honours or TSM subject, may take Broad Curriculum cross-faculty modules, or language modules in their Senior Freshman year, worth 10 ECTs credits. This substitutes for a 10 credit Sociology module (whole-year modules) in that year, and is not in addition to it. Please note that students must still fulfill the programme requirements of the particular degree programme they are following. If in doubt, consult the College Calendar, your Head of Department, or your College Tutor. For further details of quantities of ECTs credits that may be substituted in different programmes, please consult the Broad Curriculum page on Credit Regulations, and click on your Faculty link (e.g. Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, or TSM).

There are a range of Broad Curriculum cross-faculty modules and language modules on offer. Registration for cross-faculty modules is via the Broad Curriculum office. For further information on how to apply please contact Students taking Broad Curriculum modules should also inform the Sociology office of their choices, once they are registered for them.

Broad Curriculum modules in Sociology for students from other Faculties/Departments

Currently, the Sociology Department offers one Broad Curriculum module in Senior Freshman year: Power, State and Social Movements (BCSOC3). This module lasts from September until December (Michaelmas Term), and is worth 5 ECTs credits. Registration for this module is via the Broad Curriculum office. Please consult them for further details on how to apply.