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Former Students and Dissertations



Name Dissertation Title
Eda Aslan

Places of Memory: An Inductive Research on Syrian Refugee Women

Camille Canter     Towards Quotidian Utopia: Alternative Reproduction and Utopia as Practice in Two Worker Cooperatives
Ann-Kathrin Cloppenburg The Role of Childcare in the Modern Welfare State: An Exploratory Study of the Irish Childcare System
Lucy Eviston

Cycling in Dublin: A Solution to Congestion and the Climate Crisis

Esheksha Flanagan “Because I’m a Hustler”: Identity and Opportunity in Social Movement Organisations
Sophia Gonsalves-Brown Indelible Narratives: A Framing Analysis of the Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford Testimonies
Marine Hayward Democratic Equality or Gendered Citizenship? Women, Swiss Democracy and National Community
Natalie Holland

“The More You Know the More You Owe”: A Case Study of Upward Mobility through Increased Access to Independent Schools in the United States

Carla Lips Climate Change: The Underlying Mechanisms Leading to Environmentally-Friendly Individual Actions
Lowery McNeal

Bloody Sunday in Black and White: A Comparative News Framing Analysis of Derry’s Bloody Sunday in 1972 and 2019

Jianfei Niu The Chinese in Ireland: A Study in Attitudinal Change Regarding Gender Roles
Qiannan Zhang Have Cultural Distinction been Presented Between Different Classes in Parenting? The Class Division of Objectified and Embodied Cultural Capital in China
Leila Reynolds

Sharing Stories to Build Power: A Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers in Seattle

Adrien Sautereau Constructing National Identity: A Comparative Study of Secondary School Curricula in France and Ireland
Caroline Shanahan Acceptance and Non-Acceptance in Psychiatric Diagnosis: The Coercive Power of Stigma and the Biomedical Model of Psychiatry
Kathleen Winston

What Does it Mean to be Canadian? Developing Understandings of National Identity in Alberta Schools

Yewa Zhang Is Dai Tattoo Dying? Viewing Social Changes Through Ethnic Minority Art: Identity, Gender Equality and Social Control
Yuchen Zhang

“Who Wears the Trousers and Does it Matter?” A Comparative Study on Reversed Gender Gap among Couples in Europe and China



Name Dissertation Title
Neelakhi Dutta    

Higher Education Funding in Ireland, UK, Germany and Sweden: Between critical reflections and policy analysis

Elizabeth Finder         Does Molly Malone Stand Alone? An Exploration of Gender Representation in Dublin’s Public Art
William Foley Why People Protested in the Austerity Era: Incorporating the “new new” perspective
Andrew Gilliland

Neoliberalization and its Effects on the Built Environments of Dublin and Seattle

Adrienne Greenwalt Gender Egalitarianism and Gender Parity in the Olympic Games
Elaine Haskins

Varieties of Interdisciplinarity: An exploration of the interdisciplinary archipelago of global environmental change (GEC) research

Aisling Hill Changing Ireland, Changing Values: A Mixed Methods Study
Torie Howes

The Past in the Present: Collective Memory and Social Change in Belfast and Dublin

Andrew Mackay High Tech Myths and Masculinities: Contrasting perspectives on gender inequality in the American technology sector
Darragh Miller

Social Change in an Irish Civil Society Organisation: Deepening Governmentality and Evolving Voluntarism

Tom Noonan Going Green for Good: An Interpretive Analysis of the Accounts of Climate Change Activists
Conall Ó Brolchain De Donde Eres?” “Éire”: A Study of Intercultural and Multilingual Education in an Irish Primary School Setting
Priyanka Ranganath

Gender Egalitarianism and Attitudes towards Immigration in Europe: The role of human values

Denise Smith

Migration in an Era of Economic Globalisation: The Role of the Irish State



Name Dissertation Title
Marta Antonetti

Gender​ ​and​ ​Political​ ​suitability​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Irish​ ​Dàil: A Vignette Experiment on the perception of legislators’ suitability for office

Niall Foster Educating and Accommodating Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the Irish Primary School: A case study of urban Catholic, Educate Together and Community National Schools
Mayel Hadi

Assessing integration of non-native English speaking students in TCD and UCD through student unions and societies

Samantha Litwinczuk Bargain Sex in Thailand: A Critical Analysis of Discourse and Commodity Chains
Courtney Marsh An Garda Síochána adversity in a changing time: Making do with what they can from a US perspective
Maren Miller

Where Are All The Women? A study of the role of women in the 1916 Uprising, and their absence in the history lessons

Monika Pedroso

Indigeneity, Educational Achievement and Bilingual Education in Post-Colonial Latin America: A Comparative Study

Philip Ryan

Joining the everyday nation: A study of naturalisation rates and attitudes towards immigration

Zoe Van Nostrand

A Framing Analysis of the Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition Movement

Alexandra Woods Mitigating Risk in an Uncertain World: The Structural Relationship That Exists Between the Irish State and U.S. Multinational Corporations