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What is Sociology?

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If you are curious about people and society, then sociology is for you. As an area of university study, it includes numerous ways of understanding, describing and analysing society. Ireland and the world are currently experiencing rapid processes of social change. The old world is changing, but what will the new world be like, and how can we participate in its development? Sociology is foremost among the social sciences in its understanding of social change.

We teach modules in a wide variety of areas of sociology. Staff members include experts on culture and identity, work and employment in Europe, migration, education, multiculturalism and ethnicity, gender, conflict resolution, social policy, development and globalisation. Our modules cover Ireland, the wider European society, the non-European world and the global arena.

Throughout the four years, we emphasise training in research skills through practical project work. In the second year, you will do a project in observation or interviewing, and design a questionnaire. In your third year, you will carry out projects involving computerised analysis of both numerical data from surveys, and the verbal data which are the outcomes of recording interviews or conversations.

During your final year, you will have the opportunity to carry out your own independent research project from start to finish on a topic of your choice. Many students find this the most satisfying part of the whole four years. They also find it a great asset when talking to employers and applying for jobs.