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  • Phone Numbers: please place prefix +353-1-896 before the extension number
  • Location: Rooms are located in College Green unless otherwise noted.

Administrative Staff

Name/TCD web page Position Email Telephone Location
Fiona McIntyre Executive Officer 2701 3.01

Academic Staff

Name/TCD web page Position Email Telephone Location
Roderick Condon Teaching Fellow 2669 2.05
Yekaterina Chzhen Assistant Professor Communications Coordinator and Research Seminar Convenor 2085 2.09
Camilla Devitt Assistant Professor Exchange Coordinator (Incoming) & School Deputy Exchange Coordinator 2621 2.07
Daniel Faas
Professor in Sociology and Director of MSc in Comparative Social Change 3443 3.05
Andrew Finlay

Assistant Professor Undergraduate Coordinator 2353 2.04
Pablo Gracia Assistant Professor Research Coordinator (Sabbatical Term 1 2021) 2702 2.02
Anne Holohan Associate Professor, PhD Coordinator 1478 3.04
David Landy Assistant Professor Director of MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict 2766 2.06
Richard Layte Professor of Sociology 1371 2.08
Elaine Moriarty
Assistant Professor 3549 3.06
Peter Mühlau
Assistant Professor, Ethics Officer (On leave 2021) 2669 2.05
Philomena Mullen Assistant Professor 2669 2.05
David Ralph Assistant Professor and Exchange Coordinator (Outgoing) 1876 2.03
Jan Skopek Assistant Professor, Head of Department 1296 3.02

Research Staff

Name/TCD web page Position Email Telephone Location
Alina Cosma Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow    
Cadhla McDonnell CAROLINE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow    


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