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Migration, Integration and Identities

In the last decade, the Department of Sociology has developed an international reputation as a leading centre of migration research in Ireland. The department focuses on in- and outward migration to Ireland and migration to and within Europe.

The main research interests of this research cluster are the socio-economic and socio-cultural integration of immigrants in Ireland and Europe (Camilla Devitt, Peter Mühlau, Antje Röder), new mobilities in Europe (Elaine Moriarty, Peter Mühlau, David Ralph, Antje Röder) and how both intersect with migrants’ identities (Daniel Faas, Elaine Moriarty, David Ralph). Research in this cluster is hosted by the department’s Migration and Employment Research Centre (MERC). Members of the cluster were founders of the Trinity Immigration Initiative and received substantial funding from philanthropic and European sources. Current research is mainly funded by the Irish Research Council and European programmes (see MERC website for details on current research projects).


Recent publications arising from this research cluster include:

  • Devitt, C. (2011) ‘Varieties of Capitalism, Variation in Labour Migration’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 37(4): 579-596
  • Faas, D. (2009) Reconsidering Identity: the ethnic and political dimensions of hybridity among majority and Turkish youth in Germany and England, British Journal of Sociology 60(2): 299-320
  • Krings T., Moriarty, E., Wickham, J., Bobek, A., Salamoñska, J. (2013), New Mobilities in Europe: Polish migration to Ireland post-2004, Manchester, Manchester University Press
  • Ralph, D. (2014) ‘Equally at home on Beacon Hill and Hill 16’? Transnational identities of Irish-born return migrants from the United States, Global Networks (Available online)
  • Röder A. and Mühlau, P. (2014) ‘Are they acculturating? Europe's immigrants and gender egalitarianism’, Social Forces 92(3): 899-928
  • Röder A. and Mühlau, P. (2012) ‘Low expectations or different evaluations – What explains immigrants' high levels of trust in host country institutions?, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39(5): 770-792