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Migration, Identities and Diversity (MID)

The Migration, Identities and Diversity (MID) research unit combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies by using comparative case studies and survey designs. The unit has three main areas:

  1. Migration and Mobility: The study of new forms of mobility in Europe, theorisations on migration and mobility, return migration, in- and outward migration to Ireland and migration to and within Europe (Daniel Faas, Elaine Moriarty, David Ralph)
  2. Identities: Political, ethnic and racial identities, both on the level of the individual and the collective, and how they are shaped and reshaped in institutional settings and wider society in Ireland, Europe and globally (Daniel Faas, Elaine Moriarty, David Ralph)
  3. Diversity and Integration: The socio-economic and socio-cultural integration of diverse groups of migrants in Ireland, Europe and globally with a particular focus on labour market and educational settings (Daniel Faas, Camilla Devitt, Peter Mühlau)

MID members have published their research in high-impact international journals and were founders of the Trinity Immigration Initiative, Ireland's largest immigration research programme (€6m). They also received national and international grants from European Framework Programmes (FP6, H2020), NORFACE and the Irish Research Council. Several MID researchers are part of the university-wide interdisciplinary research theme Identities in Transformation, led by Prof Daniel Faas.


Selected Projects:

The Social and Class-Based Identities of Filipino Nurse Migrants in Ireland (PI: Arnie Trinidad; Co-PI: Daniel Faas). Funder: Grattan Scholarship Programme, Trinity College Dublin; Period: 2019-23.
EXAMINE EUROPE: Examining European Cultural Identities Through Interdisciplinary Methods (PI: Daniel Faas). Funder: Irish Research Council; Period: 2019.
Identity and Belonging in Ireland for Mixed-Race Irish Women who Grew Up in the Irish Institutional Care System (PI: Philomena Mullen; Co-PI: Daniel Faas). Funder: Irish Research Council; Period: 2017-20.
Who is Against Migration, and Why? (PI: Egle Gusciute, Co-PI: Peter Mühlau). Funder: Grattan Scholarship Programme, Trinity College Dublin; Period: 2015-19.
Revisiting Return Migration (PI: David Ralph). Funder: Irish Research Council, Period: 2015.
The Portability of Welfare Benefits by European Nationals (PI: Elaine Moriarty). Funder: Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund, Trinity College Dublin; Period: 2015.
INI-EU: Integrating New Immigrants in Europe (PI: Peter Mühlau). Funder: Irish Research Council; Period: 2014.
MAMILO: Managing Migration at Local Level: Educational and Labour Market Responses (PI: Daniel Faas); Funder: Enterprise Ireland; Period: 2014.
WORK-INT: Assessing and Enhancing Integration in Workplaces (PI: Hiranthi Jayaweera;TCD partner: Camilla Devitt). Funder: European Integration Fund; Period: 2013-15.