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Work Abroad

The Erasmus Work Placement programme is a European Commission initiative to promote work placements in European countries. It will give you the opportunity to put your academic learning into practice in a real work environment. It will improve your language skills and your understanding of business terminology.

Erasmus Work Placement Characteristics

The characteristics of Erasmus Work Placements are:

  • Full recognition must be given by your home university for the period spent abroad and credit must be awarded either in ECTS, on the Diploma Supplement, or on your academic transcript
  • The work placement period must be covered by a Placement Agreement signed by your home university and by you.
  • You must complete a Training Agreement which gives details the work programme during the period of the placement. The Training Agreement must be signed by you and must also be approved and signed by the home university and the host organisation.
  • The placement must be for a minimum of 12 weeks, completed by 30 September and must not overlap with an Erasmus study period.
  • The placement must take place in the EU.
  • The work placement should be full-time and must be related to your degree programme.
  • Your host company cannot be associated with the EU, national embassies/consulates or organisations managing EU programmes.
  • At the end of your employment you must get a letter/certificate from your employer confirming dates of your employment.
At the end of the placement you must complete an Erasmus Work Placement Report.

How to Apply

You must seek permission from your Department Erasmus Coordinator to participate in the Erasmus Work Placement Programme. You must ensure that you will receive credit for the period of the Work Placement in the form of ECTS or as an entry on your academic transcript. The work placement must be related to your degree programme and must be approved by your Department Erasmus Coordinator, Dr Camilla Devitt (

  • Complete the Erasmus Work Placement Application Form have it signed by your Department Coordinator. If you do not know the name of your host company at the time of completing the application form, please fill in the country where you are seeking the Work Placement. Once you have confirmed your host organisation, it will have to be approved by your Erasmus Coordinator on the Erasmus Training Agreement later.
  • Discuss your proposed Work Placement with your Department Coordinator. Complete the Erasmus Training Agreement with your host organisation. Your Department Coordinator must complete the 'Sending Institution' section of Section 4 and sign it to confirm that he/she approves your work placement programme and will ensure that you receive credit. This is really important!
  • The signed Training Agreement should be sent or dropped to the host university. It is recommended that both the student and Department/School keep a copy of the agreement.
  • Before departure, read the Placement Agreement carefully, sign it, and return it to the International Office.
  • Arrange your travel and insurance for your stay abroad. (i.e European Health Insurance Card, VHI Global, USIT, etc).
  • Research your company, the region and country, so you know a little bit about what to expect when you arrive.
  • Organise accommodation: this may mean that you will need to arrive in the host country a little early to make sure that you have accommodation.
  • Make sure your passport is valid. It is a good idea to take photocopies and spare photos or email a scanned copy of your passport to yourself.
  • At the end of the work placement, please complete your Erasmus Work Placement Report

If you have any concerns while you are away, please contact your Department Coordinator or the International Admissions and Study Abroad Office immediately!


There is funding for 15 placements in 2023/24. The first instalment will be issued following receipt of the Training Agreement and the Placement Agreement by the International Office and the final instalment will be made at the end of the work placement following receipt of the Erasmus Work Placement Final Report.