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Democracy and Social Media: Beyond the Spectacle of Like and Dislike

Thursday, 17 October 2024

Has social media fatally undermined democratic politics? Once celebrated as a tool for democratisation and enlightenment, capable of challenging authoritarian regimes, the internet and social media are now feared to expose a critical flaw in democracy.

While these platforms enhance political engagement, they also risk deepening polarisation, fostering toxic debates, and amplifying populist voices over factual discourse. Is social media a threat to democracy that requires government control and regulation, or an evolving tool for engagement and activism?

Join Dr David Landy from the Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin, who will use recent research to explore how democratic activism uses social media and how individuals and groups work to mitigate its negative effects.


Time: 7.00PM - 8.30PM
Venue: JM Synge Theatre, The Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin
Cost: €7.00


This event is part of the 4-week Democracy At A Crossroads Public Autumn Series, organised by the School of Social Sciences & Philosophy

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