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SR-TEX - Smart Reconfigurable Test Execution System

Project Coordinator

Dr. Garret O'Donnell
+353 1 896 1184

Research Staff

Dr. Jeff Morgan

Industry Partner


The world has witnessed 3 industrial revolution: Mechanisation, Electricity, and Integrated Technology. Each revolution marks a point in time where innovation changed the world both economically and sociologically. Currently the manufacturing world is on the verge of a potential 4th industrial revolution known as Industry 4.0.

This revolution is made possible due to the advancement in computer computation, industrial communication, and cloud technology. Industry 4.0 has the potential to create smart machines, storage, and production systems, which are capable of seamless data distribution, autonomous collaboration, and potentially artificial intelligence.

Industrial Revolutions 1.0 - 4.0

STAM is currently exploring Industry 4.0 in the areas of process monitoring, advanced signal analysis, and decentralised control. Through this research and an Enterprise Ireland industrial collaboration with Ceramicx Ireland, the concept of open production technology has been developed, and for the first time realised. More specifically the Smart Reconfigurable-Test EXecution" (SR-TEX) platform has been created. This platform enables the dynamic forming of an automated production test equipment.

SR-TEX Platform

Automated production equipment enables a manufacturer to validate the function of their products, while providing insight into production quality. The SR-TEX platform enables the decentralised collaboration of independent plug-and-play test stations for universal serial product testing.

Illustration of Functional Block Linkage using SR-TEX Modular Configuration

A production process can now be represented by functional building blocks, and orchestrated through network communication. This enables a production process to be remotely configured and re-configured for different operations on-the-fly. The production process is now open to change and flexible to meet the requirements of a progress manufacturing enterprise.

Future development will see the SR-TEX platform utilised to create multiple types of production machines for use in manufacturing production and product test validation.

Example of a SR-TEX system configured for testing Infrared Heating Lamps