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30 Sep 2022 | PhD student Wenguang Zhao wins the 2022 THERMINIC Best Poster Award

28 Sep 2022 | Tim Persoons, Michael Gibbons, Tony Robinson and Rocco Lupoi organise the 28th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC) in Dublin (28-30 Sep 2022)

17 Aug 2022 | JS MME student Tadhg-Lorcan Oude Essink and PhD student Eoin Oude Essink win the 2022 nTopology/EOS Responsible Part Challenge with an innovative heat sink design (read the TCD News article here)

23 Nov 2021 | Master's students Emilie Raymond, Charlotte Meuly and Karl Weldon awarded 2021/2022 Intel Masters Bursaries for work based on their final year project research

04 Aug 2021 | Michael Gibbons awarded prestigious Royal Society-SFI University Research Fellowship for the development of loop heat pipes for waste heat recovery in data centres

30 Jun 2021 | Sajad Alimohammadi and Tim Persoons win 2020 Harvey Rosten Award for Excellence for the development of an alternative air mover for data centre servers

10 May 2021 | Kate Doherty : Student Sport and Studying Experience

05 May 2021 | Mechanical Engineering Students win first place in two Engineering Categories in the NTA's Smarter Travel Campus Awards 2021

20 Oct 2020 | Mechanical Engineering Students win NTA's Smarter Travel Campus Awards

19 Aug 2020 | MAI graduate Eoin Collins, Sahan Wasala and Tim Persoons help build open source ventilator with international non-profit consortium

2 Jul 2020 | Garret O'Donnell and Matthias Weigold (PTW, TU Darmstadt) present on the "Stand der Technik: Process Monitoring in der Industrie", at the first online event on the Digital Machining Value Chain.

10 Oct 2019 | Engineering students compete strongly at the 2019 Student Heat Sink Design Challenge at ITHERM, Las Vegas

29 Aug 2019 | Researchers in advanced manufacturing technologies meet in Trinity to discuss next generation manufacturing challenges at IMC 36 (final agenda)

24 Jul 2019 | MAI MME graduates Alison Clarke, Eoin Oude Essink and Patrick Sullivan present at HEFAT 2019, where Alison and Patrick scoop Outstanding Paper Awards

16 May 2019 | TCD robotics engineers unveil Stevie II, Ireland’s first socially assistive AI robot

18 Apr 2019 | PhD student Matteo Solazzo wins 2nd Place in the Paper Award at the 2019 Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

4 Dec 2018 | Tim Persoons' team developing environmentally friendly data centres with industry partner Interxion (Irish Tech News)

27 Sep 2018 | Tony Robinson and Seamus O'Shaughnessy team fly in 'Vomit Comet'

21 Sep 2018 | Seminar by Prof WenYa Li on cold spraying solid-state coating (11.30am, Parsons Building Boardroom)

18 Sep 2018 | Review by David Taylor finds failure rate in some surgical mesh treatments unacceptably high (read the full article here)

29 Aug 2018 | Maeve O'Neill, David Taylor and co-workers discover parallel between self-healing abilities of seashore creatures and mammals (read the full article here)

8 May 2018 | Two PhD Naughton Fellowships awarded for collaborative aerospace research between TCD, the University of Notre Dame and NASA Glenn

26 Apr 2018 | PhD students Alix Whelan and Rick Cressall win the Paper Award and Poster Award at the 2018 Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium

25 Apr 2018 | Garret O'Donnell gives a perspective on Industry 4.0 for medical device manufacturing at the 2018 Medtech Innovation EXPO

07 Mar 2018 | Engineers’ Zero-G space research shows how to build stronger metal components

07 Feb 2018 | PhD student Robert Gaul wins Engineers Ireland Biomedical Research Medal

25 Jan 2018 | Engineering with Management student Katie Petherbridge about women in engineering

12 Dec 2017 | Tim Persoons' team featured in the 2016-2017 Provost's Annual Review  

17 Nov 2017 | Darren McDonnell speaking at STEM outreach event Bright Club: Quantum Cabaret in Whelan's (Sunday 17/11, 7:30pm)

13 Nov 2017 | Conor McGinn's team unveils prototype robot designed to work in assisted care facilities

10 Nov 2017 | First year engineering student Aaron Hannon wins SciFest final with shaving assist device for people with hand dexterity problems |

1 Nov 2017 | Tim Persoons, Gerry Byrne and Bill Kingston involved in research to reduce the environmental cost of tidal energy production

23 Oct 2017 | Bruce Murphy is working with Dublin-based CroiValve on developing a medical device to treat tricuspid valve disease

27 Sep 2017 | MAI graduate Younis Abdelsalam presents his final year project work at the 23rd THERMINIC Workshop in Amsterdam

15 Sep 2017 | Rocco Lupoi featured in to promote STEM education

13-15 Sep 2017 | 21st Workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the CEAS on aircraft noise from ducted or unducted rotors (Schrödinger Theatre)

13 Sep 2017 | Experts discuss next-gen approaches to reducing aircraft noise at 21st CEAS workshop

7 Sep 2017 | Navigation app for people with intellectual disabilities developed by Trinity Engineering graduates Talita Holzer Saad and Robbie Fryers wins Irish Dyson award

21 Aug 2017 | Image by Trinity PhD student Jaakko McEvoy becomes one of Ten striking images to be featured on new IRC website

15 Jun 2017 | Trinity PhD student Morten Meyer represents National Cold Spray Research Centre at ITSC competition

17 May 2017 | Trinity engineers developing Industry 4.0 smart machines of the future YouTube

25 Apr 2017 | Tony Robinson and Ceramicx win the 2017 Collaborative Research Impact Award at the KTI 2017 awards YouTube

19 Apr 2017 | Check out the new Vacancies section on the School of Engineering website

3 Mar 2017 | David McKeown comments on SpaceX’s announced trips to the Moon (RTE news clip)

9 Feb 2017 | Conor McGinn's team develop socially intelligent interface (Sii), a light-weight 3D-printed robotic head that expresses emotions

19 Jan 2017 | David Taylor researching limpets as 'marine repairmen', little construction workers of the seashore (click here for full article)

2 Dec 2016 | Talk by Bengt Sundén on heat transfer research in a jet engine (10am, SR3, Parsons Building)

17 Nov 2016 | Talk by Marc O Griofa on being a NASA 'aquanaut' (1pm, CLT, Parsons Building)

25 Oct 2016 | Seminar by Louis Cattafesta, 'Active Flow Control' (11am, CLT, Parsons Building)

20 Oct 2016 | Richard Reilly and Richard Costello launch 'Inca', a new device to help you catch your breath

3 Oct 2016 | Conor Buckley's Med3DP bringing humanitarianism into engineering education with 3D printed devices YouTube

5 Jul 2016 | Engineering with Management graduates win 2016 Universal Design Grand Challenge Award

3 Jul 2016 | David Taylor and Maeve O'Neill talk about how insects can self-repair on RTE's Mooney Goes Wild

20 Jun 2016 | David Donoghue awarded 2016 EUROTHERM Young Scientist Prize

25 May 2016 | Kevin Kelly receives Provost's Teaching Award

24 May 2016 | Rick Cressall awarded 2016 Naughton PhD Fellowship co-supervised by Tim Persoons and Ken Christensen (Notre Dame)

10 Mar 2016 | Trinity-Harvard team leading the way in soft robotics research... read more in Silicon Republic

17 Feb 2016 | Irish engineers led by Tony Robinson develop low-cost cook stove for developing countries - find out how to support this project

18 Dec 2015 | Postdoctoral Researcher position (cardiovascular medical device design) in the Bioengineering research group

9 Nov 2015 | Tony Robinson speaks at the TIDI Trinity Development Research Week (12pm, TCD Global Room, Watts Building)

23 Sep 2015 | Launch of new SEAI Online Energy GIS and remodelled SEAI Wind Atlas (contact Distributed Wind Energy group for more info)

18 Aug 2015 | Ciaran Simms and research student Gregory Tierney target early warning system for concussions

20 Jul 2015 | Tony Robinson's group helping people in Malawi generate electricity from cooking stoves

17 Jul 2015 | Ciaran Simms receives Provost's Teaching Award

1 Jul 2015 | John Monaghan receives Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice award for his involvement in charitable Society of St. Vincent de Paul

8 Jun 2015 | Engineers recognised for reducing the carbon footprint and noise pollution of flight

3 Jun 2015 | Gareth Bennett receives Fulbright Award to visit the Department of Aerospace at the University of Notre Dame and NASA Glenn

20 May 2015 | Seminar by Dan Arvizu (NREL) on advancements in renewable energy efficiency technologies (8:30am, Crossland Lecture Theatre)

15 May 2015 | Seminar by Kevin Moerman, 'In-Vivo Soft Tissue Biomechanics: Experimental Investigation and Computational Modelling' (4pm, Crossland Lecture Theatre)

30 Apr 2015 | PhD student Kun Zhao wins best paper award at 18th Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium in University of Limerick

8 Mar 2015 | ME students Ahmad Mu'azzam and Hugh Weldon win Jailbreak 2015

19 Feb 2015 | Engineers Week at Trinity College Dublin

17 Feb 2015 | Seminar by Artist-in-Residence Olivia Hassett about her collaboration with David Taylor (11:30am, Board Room, Parsons Building)

10 Feb 2015 | Engineers Week at Trinity College Dublin

19 Jan 2015 | Rocco Lupoi, Shaun McFadden, Tony Robinson awarded €500K ESA grant to develop new 3D-printing technique for space applications

18 Dec 2014 | Tim Persoons awarded AIAA Ground Testing Technical Committee (GTTC) 2014 Outstanding Paper Award

18 Dec 2014 | Seminar by Vaughan R. Voller, 'Non Local Models of Solidification' (3pm, CLT, Parsons Building)

24 Nov 2014 | 'Robbie the Robot' team wins 2014 Technological Innovation Award

6 Nov 2014 | 4E5 students make paper vehicles

2 Oct 2014 | Discover Research Dublin

26 Sep 2014 | Conor McGinn talks about 'Assisted living with robots: How we will grow old in the future' at the Smart World/Full Life competition (7.30pm, Edmund Burke Theatre)

25 Sep 2014 | Trinity and Harvard researchers collaborate to develop Soft Robotics Toolkit YouTube

22 Sep 2014 | MAI graduate Harry Mitrogiannopoulos and PhD student Morton Meyer receive best presentation awards at the 31st International Manufacturing Conference, Cork IT

28 Aug 2014 | Trinity engineers design next-generation aircraft to reduce noise pollution and decrease our carbon footprint

14 Aug 2014 | John Monaghan awarded the William Johnson International Gold Medal by the Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies committee in Dublin City University

13 Aug 2014 | Eoin Fanning, Tim Persoons and Darina Murray awarded 2013 Hartnett-Irvine Award by the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer in Kyoto, Japan

14 Jul 2014 | Ceramicx and Tony Robinson's group develop novel IR energy mapping tool aimed at the aviation, automotive, plastics and composites industries

9 Jul 2014 | Trinity Business Incubator ‘LaunchBox’ welcomes MME student entrepreneurs Patrick Lynch, Paul Mahony and Paul Mannix

5 Jul 2014 | Rudi O'Reilly Meehan, Tim Persoons and Darina Murray representing Trinity in the 4th International PIV Challenge in Lisbon, Portugal

4 Jul 2014 | A group of future female engineers just spent two weeks making robots in the Parsons Building

1 Jul 2014 | Seminar by Burton Lee, 'Design for Manufacture' (4pm, CLT, Parsons Building)

26 Jun 2014 | Seminar by Burton Lee, 'Product Design & Innovation in the Irish Economy' (6pm, Science Gallery)

18-20 Jun 2014 | MAI graduates Craig Marron, Paul Manning, Patrick Dinneen and PhD student Sajad Alimohammadi present their research at Eurotherm Seminar 102: Thermal Management of Electronic Systems, University of Limerick

19 Jun 2014 | David Taylor features in The Conversation, 'Nature must remain at the heart of engineering solutions'

4 Jun 2014 | Trinity College-Stanford Design collaboration

4 Jun 2014 | Robbie the Robot

13 May 2014 | Seminar by Matthew Krane on modelling of flow and segregation defect formation in remelting of high temperature alloys (12pm, CLT, Parsons Building)

29 Apr 2014 | PhD student Rudi O'Reilly Meehan wins best paper award at 17th Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium in NUI Galway

25 Apr 2014 | Danny Kelly featured in podcast 'Science is Everywhere'

11 Apr 2014 | Engineering Innovation/Reunion Evening showcasing innovation and entrepreneurship in our MAI programme (5pm, Science Gallery)

8 Apr 2014 | Tony Robinson awarded Fellowship of Trinity College

2 Apr 2014 | 10th International James Dyson Award launches at Trinity College Dublin

2 Apr 2014 | Call for participation in James Dyson Award with introductory lecture on Wed 2 Apr 9am in LB08 followed by workshop in Parsons Design Loft

31 Mar 2014 | ME3B8 students showcase their Universal Design Innovation projects at 2pm in Regent House

24 Mar 2014 | President of Rwanda pledges €50,000 for development of Trinity robot for Cork teenager Joanne O'Riordan

21 Mar 2014 | Robot designed by Trinity engineers to be unveiled to UN ITU Secretary General by Kevin Kelly and team

25 Feb 2014 | Trinity Provost launches the John Fitzpatrick Memorial Medal to be awarded to the best MAI Engineering student

25 Feb 2014 | MME alumnus and Boeing VP Bernard Hensey gives the first John Fitzpatrick Memorial Lecture (6pm, Museum Building)

24 Feb 2014 | Engineering Innovation/Reunion Event

20 Feb 2014 | Call for participation in the Universal Design Grand Challenge (UDGC) organised by Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

20 Feb 2014 | Guest Lecture by Mr Kebede Abebe on Prioritising Housing for Vulnerable Groups in Ethiopia (2pm, Large Conference Room, O’Reilly Institute)

18 Feb 2014 | Seminar by Peter Göransson on research in the Centre for ECO2 Vehicle Design at KTH Stockholm (2pm, CLT, Parsons Building)

9-15 Feb 2014 | Engineers Week: check for events in and around Trinity College, organised by Engineers Ireland's STEPS

28 Jan 2014 | PhD Student Conor McGinn wins funding to participate in RoCKInCamp in Sapienza University, Rome

17 Jan 2014 | Seminar by Lucie Bacakova on cardiovascular tissue engineering (3pm, Printing House Hall)

17 Dec 2013 | Seminar by Arup Kumar Das on two-phase flow simulation methods developed in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee (12pm, Parsons Building)

11 Dec 2013 | Seminar by Paul Suhler on Stealth and the Design of the Lockheed Blackbird (2pm, Parsons Building)

7 Dec 2013 | Come see our demos on display at TCD Open Day (Printing House). Talks on Mechanical Engineering at 10:30 and 12:30 (Lloyd Institute, LB08)

19 Nov 2013 | Jaguar Land Rover – Women in Engineering Student Networking Event 2013 (5:30pm, Engineers Ireland)

11 Nov 2013 | Seminar by Peter De Bock on Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jet Development at GE Global Research (1pm, Parsons Building)

12 Nov 2013 | PhD student Conor McGinn gives an invited talk to the public as part of World Space Week

10 Oct 2013 | PhD student Conor McGinn explains how robots are revolutionising planetary exploration (1pm, Haughton Theatre)

4-6 Oct 2013 | Parsons Building takes part in Open House Dublin organised by the Irish Architecture Foundation

3 Oct 2013 | TCD Research & Innovation Showcase featuring 12 technologies under development in MME (4-8pm, Science Gallery)

13 Sep 2013 | MME 4th year students Alberto Cañizares and Aoife Considine scoop Irish James Dyson award with a new binding system for snowboards

3-4 Sep 2013 | MME PhD student Robin Mooney receives prize at 30th International Manufacturing Conference