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About Engineering with Management


Engineering with Management is an exciting and wide-ranging engineering programme that is broad in scope and aims to develop both the technical and business aspects of engineering. Engineers are problem-solvers. They apply their practical and analytical skills to highly complex and varied problems. In almost every human endeavour, an engineer has been involved somewhere. They have created the designs and systems to make everything from gliders to space shuttles, ball-point pens to laser printers, matchbox cars to F1 racing cars, wheelchairs to artificial joints for the human body, yachts to the Airbus A380.

However, in today’s market, a qualification in engineering must also reflect the global commercial outlook of companies. Engineers are in demand because they are seen as people who can contribute greatly to productivity and competitiveness in the world marketplace.

Engineering with Management is concerned with the analysis, design, improvement, installation and management of integrated systems of people, finances, materials and equipment. It draws upon specialised knowledge in the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design together with a number of disciplines such as the management of people, finances, sales, marketing, production, project management and communications.