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Director’s Welcome

So what, really, is Engineering with Management?

It's design and communication, business and finance, modeling and simulation, invention, approximation, measurement and estimation, and more. It's a way to think about problems.

As businesses try to make products better and at less cost, they must turn to engineers to find out how. Manufacturing engineers work with all aspects of business: from design to production control, from finance to materials handling, from automation to management. They work with all types of products: from commercial airliners to artificial hearts, from computers to golf clubs. The commercial world is their domain.

Manufacturing engineering is the link between the technical and business worlds. It is one of the most universal engineering disciplines – all other engineers must at some stage turn their ideas into reality. Engineering is about making things and management is about making them commercially viable.

It was with this in mind that we developed the course here at Trinity. It combines a broad range of technical and management subjects to produce imaginative, highly-skilled engineers who will bridge the technical and business worlds. Graduates have found employment in high tech sector (e.g. Intel, IBM), engineering consultancy, management consultancy and financial services (e.g. JP Morgan, Davys).

If there is anything that the following pages do not answer, please feel free to contact the College or the Department.

Associate Professor Garret O'Donnell
Director, Engineering and Management Degree Programme