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Lone Working

Lone Workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision or without direct or close contact with a colleague.

In reality this means working in an environment in which, if rendered incapacitated or unconscious, a person cannot reasonably expect to be found within 15 minutes.

The main hazard in lone working is that in the event of an accident that incapacitates them, a person will not be able to contact or summon help.

It does not include the chance or occasional occurrence of being on one’s own at work.For example, in every workplace there is somebody who arrives first and somebody who leaves last, or an individual may need to go to an unoccupied storeroom etc.

An individual who has either visual or audible communication with another employee is not considered as working alone.

Lone working is not restricted to out-of-hours working but can occur at any time especially during fieldwork. i.e. study that consists of practical activities that are done away from your school or place of work.

Requirements for Lone Working in MMBE

  1. Read and understand the following:
    • MMBE Lone and Out-of-Hours Working Policy
    • University Lone Working Policy
    • MMBE Safety Statement
  2. Complete a Project Safety Statement to include:
    • Emergency contact details
    • Project overview
    • Training & Expert User details
    • Risk Assessments and SOPs for all activitys/machines
    • Additional safety information that may nbe available
  3. Approval from your Supervisor
    • Signed Risk Assessment that includes Lone Working as a risk
  4. SafeZone app on your phone
  5. Lone Working Application