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Historic Engineering Models in Parsons Building

There are a number of interesting historic steam power engineering models on display in the main lobby of the Parsons Building, which is generally accessible for visitors Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm. Those interested in historic steam engines should consider a visit to the Steam Museum in Straffan, Co. Kildare, approximately 25 km from Dublin city centre.

This document PDF (1.8MB) gives some background and explains the context for some of the models in the Parsons Building, courtesy of [javascript protected email address].

Pyracmon locomotive model Parsons Turbo-Generator Display Case 2

Parsons Turbo-Generator (see
Parsons Turbo-Generator

Pyracmon Locomotive Model (see
Pyracmon locomotive model

Display Case 1 (from left to right: Savery’s pumping engine, Thomas Newcomen’s engine, and Hero’s aeolipile)
Display Case 1

Display Case 2 (from left to right: an oscillating steam engine, a Maudslay engine, and James Watt's engine)
Display Case 2

For more information, please contact Garrett Lyons.