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AERIALIST - Advanced Aircraft Noise Alleviation Devices using Metamaterials


Project Coordinators

Dr. Daniel Trimble
Dr. John Kennedy
Dr. Henry Rice

Research Staff

Luke Dowling

Industry Partner


This project aims to explore the use of acoustic metamaterials in reducing noise pollution in aviation. Currently aerospace acoustic materials rely on bulk material properties, such as density and absorption. Appropriately designed metamaterials can affect waves of sound in a manner not observed in bulk materials, and by using purposely structured metamaterials we can more effectively control and manipulate the sound waves.

A metamaterial is a material engineered to have a property that is not found in nature. Metamaterials derive their properties not from the properties of the base materials, but from their newly designed structures. Their precise shape, geometry, size, orientation and arrangement we can give metamaterials properties capable of manipulating waves: by blocking, absorbing, enhancing, or bending waves, to achieve benefits that go beyond what is possible with conventional materials.

Metal, Ceramic and Polymer Manufacturing Examples

These acoustic metamaterials will be designed with dedicated designed porous structures that can absorb and redirect noise efficiently and in a controlled manner, and will be used on a nacelle for example, replacing liners, and on wings.

By use of theoretical models numerical tools to extensively simulate the conditions needed for the design of acoustic metamaterials, we will explore possible manufacturing processes, for example 3D metal printing.

Metamaterial Enhanced Noise Shielding