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Turboshaft Engine Exhaust Noise Identification

Project coordinator(s)

Dr. Gareth Bennett (PI)
Tel: +353 1 896 3767

Prof. John A. Fitzpatrick
Tel: +353 1 896 1778

Research Student(s) Description

Broadband noise at a turboshaft exhaust, generally called core noise, is assumed to be a mix between combustion and turbine noise, with very little jet noise. Exhaust broadband noise does not exhibit in the farfield specific behaviours which could lead to finding an obvious relationship between engine modules (combustion chamber, HP Turbine, Power Turbine) and their noise signature.

Tackling this broadband noise identification problem is an ambitious goal, due to :

  1. the complexity of the physics involved,
  2. the severe environmental conditions in the exhaust which prevent from using standard instrumentation,
  3. the small space available on this kind of engines.

These important challenges need to be answered in order to maximise liner attenuation, and this is the reason why TEENI (Turboshaft Engine Exhaust Noise Identification) carries in parallel 4 objectives :

  • To develop sensors for fluctuating quantities, adapted to harsh engine environment
  • To develop noise breakdown methods
  • To understand broadband noise generation and propagation through blade rows
  • To discriminate engine exhaust noise sources

The publishable summary of TEENI can be found here

Funding Body

Funded by EU FP7

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