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Trinity PhD student Morten Meyer represents National Cold Spray Research Centre at ITSC competition

The National Cold Spray Research Centre in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, directed by Prof Rocco Lupoi, was represented at the main event of the ITSC2017 - the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exposition - in Düsseldorf, Germany, this June. This globally leading specialist event in the field of thermal spraying focuses on research and applications of surface engineering technology. In over 400 contributions, internationally leading experts discussed current and future technological developments. As established over the past years, Prof Lupoi and his team were contributing several publications from the field of Cold Spray.

As a main event of the conference, the next generation in the sector was promoted in the lecture series entitled "Young Professionals", in which eleven selected up-and-coming scientists reported on their present work. Morten Meyer, one of Prof Lupoi’s PhD students, was short-listed in this event and presented his development of a method to detect the velocity of solid particles within a supersonic nozzle, the core element of the Cold Spray process. The novelty of this approach was perceived as outstanding, as the particle behaviour can now be measured directly in those locations that are crucial to the process. Up to this point, in these regions, data could be only obtained by simulations of unestablished validity. Not only does Mr. Meyer’s idea push the limits of measurements in the field, but also offer a vast selection of opportunities to gather a new level of understanding of the process physics. By audience choice, he was voted second place in the competition.

The team would like to acknowledge the support of Marie Curie FP7 for this work.

For more information, please contact Morten Meyer or Rocco Lupoi.