The Finance, Economy, Society (FES) Research Group conducts critical research into the role of finance in the economy and society. In particular, the research focuses on the role of finance in the (re)production of social and spatial inequalities and how these contribute to the emergence of financial, economic, social and environmental crises.

In doing so, the FES Research Group contributes to the University’s strategic vision and mission of supporting sustainable and inclusive society. FES Research Group works closely with colleagues in Geography and maintains vibrant interdisciplinary links within the School of Natural Sciences and with colleagues in Business, Economics, Politics and Sociology. The Group is led by Dr Martin Sokol, who is a co-founding member and the Secretary of the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo)

Principal Investigator

Dr Martin Sokol

Principal Investigator in the Finance, Economy, Society Research Group.

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Martin Sokol is an economic geographer whose primary research interests revolve around social and spatial inequalities in the context of the ‘New Europe’. One of the key areas of his expertise concern the fundamental processes shaping economic geographies of contemporary Europe – the rise of the so-called ‘knowledge-based economy’ in the ‘West’ and the collapse of ‘state-socialism’ in the ‘East’ - and the implications of these two processes for cities and regions in Western and East-Central Europe. More recently, Martin has developed his research agenda to include the issues of finance and financialisation, and their implications for social and spatial inequality.