Current Postgraduate research

Name Email Title of Research
Alex O’Cinneide Incentives and efficacy: An evaluation of renewable energy policies in Europe 1995-2015
John Joyce Collective action and transboundary water management
Jane Maher Gender and Climate Justice: Examining gender mainstreaming in climate change adaptation policy and implementation in Malawi
Hannah Hamilton Biodiversity: is it good for business? An analysis of stakeholder perceptions of a biodiversity certification scheme in the UK
Monika Rut SHARECITY: Food sharing in cities


Completed postgraduate research

Name Email Title of Research
Aimee Byrne Policy, regulation and incentives for sustainable cities: A case study of energy efficiency regimes for Dublin housing
Shane Mc Guinness Examining the implications of human-wildlife conflict and wildlife value orientations for conservation efforts in eastern Central Africa.
Laura Devaney The governance of food risk in Ireland: sustainability, biosecurity and communication
Ruth Doyle Sustainable consumption in Irish households: water and energy
Camille Goulding Community gardening in New York and Dublin: developing a sustainability analysis framework
Andrew Jackson Climate Change and Natura 2000: The Future of EU Nature Conservation
Rachel Kavanagh Biodiversity politics planning and public understanding
Joanne Rourke Environmental Risk Communication; Waste, incineration and dioxins
Sue Mullin Sustainable Rural tourism in Greece: governance, practice and impact.
Sam Barret Climate Justice:  scale, governance and finance
Cora Baibarac Sustainable transport in Dublin: changing behaviours
Nuala Flood Design scenarios for a future sustainable Dublin
Bill (Jiaqi Sun) Environmental history: