Requests for Transcripts or a Breakdown of Results

Academic transcripts are issued by the Academic Registry. Graduates, Postgraduates and Alumni can apply for a transcript of their academic record using the relevant request forms available from the Academic Registry webpage.

Current Geography Undergraduates can request a breakdown of their exam results or an interim transcript by emailing the Geography Office using their TCD email address and including their student ID number in the subject line. The following information should be included in the body of your email request to us: 

  1. Full name
  2. Student number
  3. Year degree (to be) awarded
  4. Course of study
  5. Details of Erasmus/Visiting Abroad study (date, duration, whereabouts), if applicable
  6. Whether you require a breakdown of results or a full transcript
  7. Address transcript is to be posted to

A breakdown of your Geography results can be issued by return email to your TCD email address.

For an official transcript of your Undergraduate interim results, an email will be sent to you when a hard copy is ready to be collected from the Geography Office. Alternatively a .pdf version can be emailed at your request.

As a general guideline, please allow seven working days from receipt of request to issue of results.