The Coastal Research Group in Trinity College addresses the many scientific and societal challenges emerging from the coming together of human and environmental drivers at the coast, particularly on shallow, low-lying coastal fringes. We aim to deliver scientific insights with relevance to coastal management and decision-making with a view to achieving a just and sustainable transition towards a changed climate future.

Lead Researcher

Professor Iris Möller

Professor of Geography and Head of Geography

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Prof Möller is a coastal geomorphologist working on how physical and biological processes interact at the coast, particularly in the intertidal zone (the area between tidal high and low water). She uses these insights to work with others within and beyond the discipline of Geography to develop integrative solutions for a coastal environment in which people are protected from flooding and erosion whilst also taking advantage of the many benefits healthy ecosystems have for humans. The monitoring and understanding of long-term coastal morphodynamics (the link between coastal landforms and the processes shaping them) forms a key component of her work, as does how we use these insights to adapt to a changed environmental future through climate change, sea-level rise, and altered storm frequency/severity.