How to Find Material from your Reading List in the Freeman Library

Please note, not all of the readings on your lists will be in the Freeman Library - you may have to try the College Library. The Freeman Library collection is independent and separate from the College Library collection. Here are hints on how to find material in the Freeman)

1. Books

There is an online catalogue of the Freeman Library collection in the Librarian's office. Please ask if you are having difficulty finding material.

2. Chapters from Books

If you are looking for a recommended reading which is contained within a book e.g. an editor had brought together a book written by a number of different authors and you are required to only read one chapter, you have to search for the book under the Editor's name.

3. Journal Articles

If the reading you are searching for is contained in a journal you will NOT find it by searching for the author or the title of the article in the OPAC.

You will have to search for the journal. Older issues of journals are in bound form and are located in the Gallery of the Freeman. They are arranged in alphabetical order. More recent issues are located in the Reading Room also bound and in alphabetical order.

e.g. On the Geographical Perspectives on Urban Environments Course (GG3414) a recommended reading is:

Meijer, Martine: Growth and Decline of European Cities from Urban Studies, Vol. 30, No.6, 1993, p. 981- 990

To find the article go to the Gallery and find the bound volume of Urban Studies for 1993.

Don't forget that many of the Lecturers have made individual readings to support their courses available in the Librarians' Office.