The Library houses a collection of books, journals and maps, as well as past dissertations and theses undertaken by Geography students.

The Freeman provides a quiet working space for individual and group study.

The library is located on the ground floor in the Museum Building.

Membership of the library is open to students reading geography.

The Freeman Library ~ Department of Geography, Trinity College Dublin

'The Freeman' is supplementary to the main library system of College and provides a well-stocked reading room for students of the department. Currently there are about 4,000 books in the library, most of which are available for loan to students.

Opening Hours

The Freeman Library is currently open from 9.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday and is accessible by swipe card access only.


All enquiries concerning the use of the Freeman Library should be addressed to the Geography Office.

'Friends of the Freeman'

The Freeman Library is a unique space anchors the community of students during their years in the department. It is a place of scholarship, friendship, support and learning. The geography department is now seeking to renew, reinvigorate, reequip and refurbish this space to make it fit for purpose for the decades ahead. We also want to honour the outstanding research conducted by our undergraduate students by establishing a permanent “best dissertation prize”. To this end we have established a “Friends of the Freeman” fund. Funds will be used to purchase new books, computers and other equipment for the library space and to establish a permanent best dissertation prize.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Freeman please click here to donate

I have many fond memories of my time studying Geography at Trinity, and many of them occurred in the Freeman Library in the Museum Building. In this cosy, hidden space defined some of the highlights of my undergraduate degree. It was where I made so many of my closest friends while at university, and so many laughs and stories were shared from the desks we agreed were ‘ours’ at the start of the academic year. It was also where I spent many, many hours working on essays, reports and a dissertation to finally achieve the breakthrough moment where a problem became solvable. It also was the beating heart of the geographical culture at Trinity, as it hosted academic book launches, post-lecture discussions, and society committee meetings on a regular basis. I think my time at Trinity would not have been nearly as productive, enriching or enjoyable if it had not been set in the Freeman Library, which I hope many more students will benefit from.


Graduated 2019

The Freeman Library provided a dedicated space for all geography students to study, read or even meet up. Having that space during our undergrad meant that we had a place on campus that was ours, that we knew others interested in geography would be in as well. This made it integral to group work and collaboration and created a culture where we were all able to help one another achieve. This wouldn't have been achievable without the Freeman.


Graduated 2023