Field Equipment and Storage

Field Equipment

The Department of Geography owns a range of field equipment including, coring equipment, surveying equipment and GNSS equipment. The department inventory of field equipment is available from the technical staff.

If you require field equipment for research or teaching, an equipment request form should be completed and sent to the Senior Technical Officer, Jas Canavan ( at least one week prior to fieldwork commencing. Forms are available from Jas Canavan.

If you need to purchase any field equipment you should consult with the Chief Technical Officer (Specialist), Elaine Treacy (, at least one month prior to the commencement of fieldwork. In the case of postgraduates and undergraduates who need to order equipment, the first point of contact should be their supervisor followed by the Chief Technical Officer (Specialist).

Equipment borrowed from the Department of Geography must be signed out and back in with the technical staff. Equipment must be cleaned before its return and any faults or damage must be reported to the technical staff. 

Sample Storage

The Department of Geography has a number of facilities for the storage of research samples. These facilities include cabinet space in the Geomorphology Laboratory, fridge and freezer space in the Geomorphology Laboratory and basement storage area and a walk-in chill room located in the basement storage area.

Permission must be obtained from the technical staff before samples are stored in any of the storage facilities. There is a cataloguing system in place for samples within the Department. All samples must be labelled with your name, sample type and a disposal date. For undergraduates and postgraduates the disposal date for samples is one month after the completion of study and for staff disposal dates are reviewed on a yearly basis. When placing samples in the chill room, the labelled samples must be placed in a numbered crate (excluding core samples) and the crate number, unit number and shelf number as well as the sample details must be sent to the Senior Technical Officer, Jas Canavan ( Samples left within labs or storage areas without appropriate labels are likely to be disposed of.