The MSc in Electronic Information Engineering offers a range of core modules with some electives that enable a student to tailor their degree to their interests. I found this vital since it allowed me to choose modules that I had a lot of interest in. One of my favorite modules was motion picture engineering, which offers students insights into ongoing research and knowledge from industry experts in the field of image and video processing. Other modules such as speech engineering helped me to gain proficiency in audio engineering. The lecturers and professors are also very approachable and knowledgeable about what they teach since they are experts in their fields. They are fully engaged with the modules and ensure the quality of delivery is of a high standard. The year-long project was also very significant for me since it enabled me to conduct vital research to make contributions to the research community through publications. It also prepared me for a research career. I am currently a doctoral student in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at the University of Bristol, and I feel my MSc degree provided me with sufficient knowledge that has been valuable to me in my current research. I recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to gain vital skills and knowledge for the information age as related to electronic engineering.

Emmanuel Akinrintoyo

Graduated 2022

I am from India, and I enjoyed studying at Trinity College Dublin since the modules were engaging and I was able to learn a lot while completing my Master's in Electronic Information Engineering. The professors and instructors assisted me throughout the course, resulting in the smooth and seamless completion of my degree. They are constantly pleasant and accommodating with students, and they are always willing to help them when they are stuck on an assignment or a subject. I am currently employed at ESB as a Front-end Developer, and this program assisted me in obtaining that position. My favorite modules, I suppose, were Digital Signal Processing and Motion Picture Engineering. Out of all the modules that I learned in this course, I would recommend that all future students who are interested in pursuing this course take the Digital Image and Video Processing module, as it is very detailed and informative, and it also helps a lot of people who want to pursue a career in the field of technology and development in the Movie/Entertainment Industry.

Harshad Pritam Baruah

Graduated 2021

Getting admitted into a prestigious institution is one thing and getting the desired course is another. I have been really lucky to have both. The course structure and the support of the professors have been wonderful and especially during the second semester when the global pandemic hit the world. There was a huge panic overall when we were advised to stay at home by the government and travel restrictions were in place. Traveling to the home country was nearly impossible. But the professors and the entire staff of TCD have helped us keep our calm in this situation. The entire shift from offline classroom studies to online lectures was patiently handled by the professors. Our questions and doubts were answered as soon as possible after the lecture. The courses like Deep Learning, Integrated Systems Design, and Microelectronics have always been my areas of interest and helped me secure a job at Intel Corporation. In addition to these, Motion Picture Engineering has been the most fascinating and unique. It has been an honour to learn this from Dr. Anil Kokaram himself. I would especially like to thank Dr. Anil Kokaram for all his support during the entire year. I would like to recommend my juniors to do this course as there will be a lot of learning opportunities and would help them in future research or job opportunities.

Siddhi Nishikant Gaikwad

Graduated 2020