Smart Docklands 3

Smart Docklands 3

Project Overview:

Smart Docklands is a smart city testbed in the heart of Dublin's Docklands. Established in 2018, the programme is funded by Dublin City Council (DCC) and CONNECT, the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks, headquartered at Trinity College Dublin. Smart Docklands plays the role of 'honest broker' between government, industry, universities and citizens of Dublin. The programme aims to facilitate the trailing of smart city technologies by identifying real challenges in the city, educating and upskilling local communities about emerging technologies. 


Principal Investigator:

Dan Kilper

Research staff:  

Darach Mac Donncha

Grace D'Arcy

Karolina Anielska

Claudia Bailey

Mariana Chihenseck Blanco



Dublin City Council Residential | Dublin City Council 



Dunlop Oriel House, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2