Energy Use in Smart City Networks

Energy Use in Smart City Networks

Project Overview:

Energy use in smart city networks is optimised through technologies like IoT, 5G, and cloud computing. These enable real-time data collection for efficient resource management. Smart city infrastructure, such as smart utility meters and grids, air quality monitors, and waste management systems, leverage IoT devices for streamlined operations and enhanced sustainability. Smart city services focus on energy efficiency, safety, and public services, utilizing technologies like smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, and smart lighting to improve urban living. 


Funding Agency:

Science Foundation of Ireland 


Principal Investigator:

Dan Kilper

Research staff:  

Dr. Rishu Raj

Ms. Urooj Tariq




Dunlop Oriel House 34 Westland Row Trinity College Dublin, CONNECT SFI Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin CONNECT | Ireland’s research centre for Future Networks and Communications (