Computational Engineering

This programme is actually a strand of the MSc in Electronic Information Engineering.

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Computational Engineering has evolved to encompass all aspects of simulation and design in the Engineering disciplines. All physical simulation tools rely on algorithms developed from a knowledge of computational techniques from graphics engines to financial prediction to fluid mechanics to electric power distribution. In this course, students are equipped with the knowledge to apply computational techniques in various domains e.g. Geophysical Simulation, Transportation Engineering, and Cyberphysical Systems.

The course will suit engineers and scientists wanting to open up a career in computational engineering either in research or industry. Computational engineering specialists are much in demand in sectors like finance, automotive vehicle design, transport, environmental/climate analysis, and renewable energies. The core modules give students a grounding in professional software design for computational products like simulators and prediction engines, as well as a superb coverage of Deep Neural Networks which has revolutionised the field of AI. Optional modules include the very popular Quantum Computing module, Geophysical, Transportation, and Cyberphysical modules. Our module in industrial video and special effects (Motion Picture Engineering) features guest speakers from around the world and caters to the video streaming industry worldwide.

Please see the "Module structure" tile below for details descriptions of the modules.

Course Director: Prof. Anil Kokaram

Course Administrator: Caroline Murphy

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Computational Engineering - Open Day Talk 2023

View Professor Anil Kokaram, course director providing information on the MSc in Computational Engineering

Study the MSc in Electronic Information Engineering (Computational Engineering Strand)

In this video, we are thrilled to showcase our MSc programme in Electronic Information Engineering, including the specialisation in Computational Engineering. If you have a passion for cutting-edge technology, problem-solving, and want to make a significant impact on the world around you, then this program is the perfect choice for you.