6G-XCEL 6G Trans-Continental Edge Learning (6G-XCEL)

6G-XCEL 6G Trans-Continental Edge Learning (6G-XCEL)

Project Overview:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely studied and finding increasing adoption across communication technologies spanning network layers and business ecosystems. It is anticipated to play a central role in the design and operation of future 6G networks. Despite the promise of AI, there remain many obstacles to its use in communication networks. The introduction of software defined elements such as radio access network (RAN) intelligent controllers (RICs) enables multi-party applications for the control and management of networks. However, AI functions are still nascent and such structures do not extend to optical networks or multi-controller environments. 


6G-XCEL seeks to address these challenges through research on high edge network use cases that employ multi-party AI controls running over compute accelerators to coordinate control across radio and optical networks. It will develop a reference framework for AI in 6G that will pave the way towards global validation, adoption and standardisation of AI approaches. This framework will enable decentralized AI-based network controls across network domains and physical layers, while promoting security and sustainable implementations. Using the latest AI algorithms and data compression, research on the resulting decentralised multi-party, multi-network AI (DMMAI) framework will enable the development of reference use cases, data and model repositories, curated training and evaluation data, as well as technologies for its use as a benchmarking platform for future AI/ML solutions for 6G networks. 6G-XCEL will bring together a large ecosystem of researchers from the EU and US to implement elements of the DMMAI framework in their testbeds and labs, integrating it into their research programs and validating the framework across platforms. Working with standardization groups within each jurisdiction, 6G-XCEL will achieve joint progress towards large scale application of AI in 6G networks. 


Funding Agency:

6GSNS, Co-funded by the European Union


Principal Investigator:

Dan Kilper

Research staff:  

Dr Merim Džaferagić

Dr Dmitrii Briantcev

Dr Rishu Raj




Westland Row, Trinity College Dublin