CoQREATE Centre to Centre US-Ireland Cooperation

CoQREATE Centre to Centre US-Ireland Cooperation

Project Overview:

Convergent Quantum Research Alliance in Telecommunications (CoQREATE) is a US-Ireland R&D partnership between CONNECT and IPIC (Ireland), the Center for Quantum Networks (US) and QTeQ (Northern Ireland). The initiative's funding has been allocated under the Center-to-Centre Mechanism, a unique initiative involving the National Science Foundation, Science Foundation Ireland and the Northern Ireland Department for the Economy. 

CoQREATE investigates technologies that will form the foundations of a quantum internet, enabling deep collaboration between quantum and classical networking communities. It brings centre-scale research to critical interdisciplinary challenges for terrestrial and satcom-assisted quantum networks. CONNECT's work on classical networking and optical transmission systems, CQN's work on quantum networks, QTeQ's work on quantum applications and IPIC's work on photonic systems are brought together in working groups, seminars, research exchanges and residencies over a period of three years from 2023 to 2025. CONNECT's OpenIreland networking testbed and Ireland QCI network also offer unique experimental opportunities for the testing and development of emerging quantum networking technologies. CoQREATE research themes include: 

  • Coexistence and transmission technologies and design 
  • Network control and architectures 
  • Device packaging, interfacing and design protocols 
  • AI/ML network control and design 
  • Satellite communication assisted quantum networks. 
  • Quantum tomography 
  • Quantum Discord-based quantum communications 


Funding Agency:


Principal Investigators:

Dan Kilper

Marco Ruffini


Research staff:  

Deirdre Kilbane

Jerry Horgan

Anuj Agrawal

Dennis McNulty

Vikash Kumar

Dmitrii Briantcev

Lester Ho

Holger Claussen



Ireland, US and Northern Ireland.