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Regenerative Dentistry and Biomaterials

This theme includes research on advanced dental materials and experimental restorative procedures. Laboratory facilities for this research are housed on-site in the Dental Materials laboratory which includes facilities for tissue culture. The laboratory houses Prof. Garry Fleming’s research group who study the form and function of dental materials as well as the biocompatibility of these materials.

Research on regenerative dentistry includes clinical and laboratory investigations of pulp biology and mineralisation (Hal Duncan). This research is carried out in collaboration with the Depts. of Dentistry at University of Birmingham and New York University.

The osseointegration of dental implants and identification of biomarkers of peri-implant status are long running research themes (Ioannis Polyzois, Peter Harrison). This research involves close collaboration with Prof. Stefen Renvert, Kristianstad University, Sweden.

The School is also engaged with researchers in the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering and AMBER (Advanced Materials and Bioengineering Research) on the development of remote sensing devices for the analysis of bruxism (Brian O’Connell). This research has led to the establishment of a spin-out company “Self-Sense Technologies” to develop and market this technology.

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