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Student testimonials

Gillian Smith

2008 Graduate B.Dent.Sc. 2011 Graduate, Postgraduate Diploma in Conscious Sedation in Dentistry

As both an undergraduate and postgraduate student in the School of Dental Science, Trinity College, Dublin I received an education that was second-to-none along with exceptional support from academic and clinical staff alike. The skills learnt have enabled me to take great pride and find joy and satisfaction in my day-to-day working life. The quality of teaching opened many doors for me and I have developed an interesting and successful career path that owes much to my training in the School of Dental Science.

Stephen Kelly

2011 Graduate B.Dent.Sc

I graduated in June 2011 with a B.Dent.Sc and I am currently working on the UK Dental Foundation Scheme in Essex and I am very much enjoying the experience. I am so grateful for the help of hospital staff throughout my training as an undergraduate. They were always willing to give help and advice when I needed it. From my own experience and from speaking with other members of my class in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland it is clear that the training we received is of the highest quality. For this I believe that all the staff of the Dublin Dental University Hospital deserve credit.

Susan O'Connell

2011 Graduate B.Dent.Sc

I graduated in June 2011 and have been working in London as a VT since August of the same year. Although Dental Science required hard work, determination and discipline, the rationale and reasoning behind everything we had to do became much clearer as I went along and certainly once I finished. I can now say it was all worth it! Having spoken with others from my class who have also gone into VT in Belfast or Edinburgh or Devon even, we all agree that the quality of education we received from you was of a VERY high standard! The depth of knowledge, range of skills and especially the amount of hands on clinical experience in all aspects of clinical dentistry we received from DDUH certainly surpasses many who studied at various other 'big name' universities. My adviser in London who sits on the interview panels said to me on more than one occasion that in his experience, DDUH/Trinity graduates have excellent 'clinical knowledge' and our 'overall professionalism and manner in which we conduct ourselves' is indicative of our excellent undergraduate training. I feel that on the whole I was certainly very well prepared for the transition from college to practice and I know many of my class feel the same.

Shannon De Marie and Mary Todd

University of Western Australia - Final year dental students

Over the past two weeks we have been lucky to be visiting the Dublin Dental Hospital on an observational visit as part of our undergraduate studies in Perth, Western Australia. As final year students, we are given the opportunity to visit another dental school to experience what dental study is like in another place. Some students travel within Australia, others overseas - and boy are we glad we came to Dublin! The visit was actually quite easy to organise, as the staff at Trinity and the Dublin Dental Hospital were incredibly helpful and encouraging - having a Professor of Oral Surgery back home who is a Trinity alumni member was also very useful! Before our arrival the dental school staff ensured we had hospital guidelines, dress code, directions and timetables. We walked in at 9am on day one knowing exactly where to go and were met with open arms. After a short tour, some introductions and a couple of coffee stops we were straight into the clinics. Trinity Global Officer, Grainne Curistan, kept a watchful eye over us from start to finish ensuring that we were never confused or at a loose end. Let's just talk about the Trinity campus for a moment - it was absolutely breathtaking! The architecture and history was astounding, especially for us coming from a country that is only a few hundred years old. The same generous and caring attitude displayed at the Dental Hospital was present throughout the entire Trinity campus. The sense of community was wonderful. The proximity of the campus to the city was another great aspect of visiting Trinity. It meant we could duck out on our lunch breaks to see the sights (and do some shopping!) and sample some of the tasty Irish food. Observing at the dental school provided us with a fantastic opportunity to experience methods of teaching dentistry in another country. We were fortunate enough to spend time in various clinical disciplines and meet specialists who were kind enough to include us in their clinics. We both can't wait to return - and are seriously considering applying to study as postgrads in the future to facilitate this!