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Signature Pedagogies

Pedagogy can be defined as the method and practice of teaching. As an academic subject, pedagogy is the study of how knowledge, skills and professional practices are imparted in an educational environment. Online pedagogy refers to how teaching is practiced using the internet and associated tools (Farrell et al., 2021) .

The term signature pedagogy, which was coined by Shulman in 2005, refers to the forms or styles of teaching that are common to specific disciplines, areas of study, or professions (Shulman, 2005).

A review of digital teaching, learning and assessment practices in the three disciplines of AHSS, Health Sciences and STEM was carried out by Academic Practice in 2021 and led to the identification of signature pedagogies associated with the disciplines as outlined in the diagram below

Signature Pedagogies

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Key Takeaways

  • Pedagogy is defined as the method and practice of teaching
  • Signature pedagogies are those forms of teaching that are commonly used within a disciplines, such as lab work, case studies or field trips
  • Some pedagogies are similarly applied across disciplines such as problem based learning and case based learning.

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