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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity underpins all aspects of higher education, including all activities relating to research, learning, assessment, and scholarship at Trinity. Academic integrity is a core feature of Trinity’s academic culture and is the cornerstone of university life. Maintaining academic integrity involves a commitment to and demonstration of honest and moral behaviour in the academic setting.

This section aims to help you to:

  • refine your understanding of academic integrity as it applies to teaching, learning, and assessment at Trinity;
  • identify Trinity’s Principles of Integrity for all staff.

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What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity can be described as a commitment to, and compliance with:

ethical and professional principles, standards, practices and consistent system of values, that serve as guidance for making decisions and taking actions in education, research and scholarship
(NAIN Lexicon, p.3)

Academic integrity is a broad concept that advocates for ethical standards and practices in all aspects of academic practice; this includes programme development, assessment and feedback practices and teaching methodologies. Promoting and maintaining academic integrity is a shared concern for all those who teach and support learning at Trinity.

Ethical behaviours in education and research, perceptions of ‘quality’, the value of a Trinity degree, and broader institutional reputation are all potentially impacted by breaches of academic integrity and instances of academic misconduct.

Statement of Principles on Integrity

The following Statement of Principles on Integrity, developed by Trinity's Academic Integrity Steering Group (AISG) and approved by Council, was developed for academic staff, professional staff, and students.

“At Trinity College Dublin, we commit ourselves as staff and students to acting responsibly and ethically, embracing integrity in all our actions and interactions as members of the College community. Understanding that integrity requires honesty, transparency, and accountability, we agree to:

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Key Takeaways

  • Academic integrity underpins all aspects of research and education at Trinity and is key to Trinity’s mission and values.
  • Academic integrity is a shared responsibility for all members of the College community.
  • Trinity staff play a key role in supporting students’ understanding of academic integrity and the requirement for honesty, transparency and accountability in all aspects of academic practice.

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