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Academic Integrity Steering Group (AISG)

The AISG was established following Council approval of the Terms of Reference on 9 February 2022. The Terms of Reference can be found below. The group is co-chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

This website will provide updates to the College community on the activites of the Academic Integrity Steering Group.

Terms of Reference

  • To develop a statement of principles for academics, professional staff, and students which clarifies the meaning and importance of integrity within Trinity as an academic institution and how these principles relate to its core values.
  • To work with units in College to ensure that academic integrity is supported by: (i) nationally and internationally benchmarked pedagogical resources and practices for teachers, learners and researchers at all stages (UG, PGT, PGR, staff) and (ii) the governance structures of the university.
  • To review and improve policies and processes relating to academic conduct and misconduct (including but not limited to plagiarism and cheating) and to ensure that these are aligned with the statement of principles on institutional integrity and benchmarked against national and international best practice.
  • To develop proposals to promote a culture of awareness that academic integrity is essential to our core value of responsibility, across the range of our activities, from undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning to research and administration.

Statement of Principles on Integrity

The following Statement on Integrity, developed by the AISG and approved by Council, was developed for academic staff, professional staff, and students.

In Trinity College Dublin, we commit ourselves as staff and students to acting responsibly and ethically, embracing integrity in all our actions and interactions as members of the College community. Understanding that integrity requires honesty, transparency and accountability, we agree to:

  • Strive to do what we say we will, ensuring that we are aware of our commitments and responsibilities in order to fulfil them, and abiding by College and other relevant policies and the highest standards of conduct.
  • Give credit where credit is due, recognizing and acknowledging the contributions and achievements of others in scholarship, teaching, research and service.
  • Tell the truth, as a community and as individuals, speaking out and listening even when it is difficult, naming problems and honestly acknowledging mistakes.
  • Hold ourselves and others to account for the things for which we are each responsible.
  • Use resources for the purposes for which they are intended and be above reproach in financial dealings.
  • Deal fairly, consistently and transparently with others.