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TEP information for TSM Staff

Below are a number of key points that staff/Schools/Departments need to be aware of in relation to TEP this 2018/19 Academic Year;

Assessment Weeks

  • Semester 1 Assessment: Monday, 10th December to Friday, 14th December 2018 inclusive.
  • Semester 2 Assessment: Tuesday, 23rd April to Saturday, 27th April 2019 inclusive
  • Reassessment : Monday, 26th August to Saturday, 31st August, 2019 inclusive

Assessment and Progression

  • All modules in all years will have supplemental examinations – this includes those that are examined through continuous assessment only and do not currently have supplemental examinations
  • With the introduction of TEP in 2018/19, as every undergraduate module will require reassessment for the supplemental session, all existing Senior Sophister Module Assessment Patterns (MAPs) will need to be amended from the current mark schemes with the corresponding update made to the MAP name by amending the year to 1819.
  • All Module Assessment Patterns (MAPs) for 2018/19 must be finalised in SITS by Friday, 28th September, 2018 (the end of the third week of teaching term) – this includes all associated MABs and any module marking scheme code updates (such as all those modules which currently do not have a re-assessment facility but will be required to from 2018/19 onwards).
  • The following progression rules apply to all undergraduate years from September, 2018 - students who have not passed their year are required to present for re-assessment when; 
    • They obtain in excess of 10 credits in module(s) between 35% - 39%
    • They get less than 35% in any module
    • They do not obtain an overall average of 40% for the year
  • Different modalities of assessment are permitted at the supplemental session as determined by the programme coordinator.
  • The same compensation rules apply at supplemental session as at the annual session.
  • From the 2018/19 academic year onwards, there will no longer be any special examinations.
  • Students are permitted to repeat any year of an undergraduate programme, if eligible. 
  • From 2018/19 onwards, students will not be permitted to repeat the same academic year more than once within a degree programme and will not be permitted to repeat more than two academic years within a degree programme.
  • In TEP, as at present, the number of credits required to pass in a year is 60. Of these, 10 credits may be accumulated at ‘Qualified Pass’ (i.e. marks between 35-39% where the pass mark is 40% or 45-49% where the pass mark is 50%). If a student has achieved both Fail and Qualified Pass grades in modules completed in semester 1 and semester 2, they will be required to present for reassessment in all failed components in all modules for which they obtained either a Fail grade or Qualified Pass.
  • From 2018/19, for all undergraduate years (including SS), students must obtain a minimum of 35 – 39% in no more than two 5 credit modules in order to pass by compensation provided all other marks are >= 40% and their overall average is >= 40%. If a student obtains less than 35% in ANY module at the annual examinations, they are deemed to have failed and must be re-assessed for ALL those modules in which they have achieved less than 40%.
  • Students will be permitted to carry failed modules from semester to semester but not from year to year.
  • With the introduction of TEP and semesterised examinations in 2018/19 and following analysis by the Academic Registry, 30% of all modules need to be assessed at the end of semester 1 and 70% at the end of semester 2. In order to accommodate the bulk of examinations taking place at the end of semester 2, it is now being proposed to also have examinations on Wednesday, 1st May, 2019 (Trinity Wednesday – morning only) and on Friday, 3rd May, 2019, therefore, semester 2 examinations will run from Tuesday, 23rd April to Saturday, 27th April and from Tuesday, 30th April to Friday, 3rd May (Trinity Week) with no exams on Trinity Monday or on the afternoon of Trinity Wednesday.
  • In 2018/19, Easter Monday falls on 22nd April which coincides with the start of the annual examination session – as a result, the assessment week will take place from Tuesday, 23rd April to Saturday, 27th April, 2019 with examinations held on Tuesday, 30th April and Thursday, 2nd May, 2019, if required. Trinity Week will commence on Monday, 29th April, 2019 (as approved by Council).

If you have questions that may come up in relation to TEP and TSM please direct them to Donncha Millane in the TSM Course Office.

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