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TEP information for TSM Students

The academic year 2018/19 will see a couple of changes for current TSM students, most notably a change in the academic year structure and the introduction of semesterisation. Below are some of the key changes as students you will need to be aware of for 2018/19:

Assessment Weeks

  • Semester 1 Assessment: Monday, 10th December to Friday, 14th December 2018 inclusive.
  • Semester 2 Assessment: Tuesday, 23rd April to Saturday, 27th April 2019 inclusive
  • Reassessment : Monday, 26th August to Saturday, 31st August, 2019 inclusive

Assessment and Progression

  • The number of credits to pass and rise with your year is 60. These 60 credits can be achieved outright or by compensation.
  • All modules and components within modules are “compensatable”. Students can compensate a maximum of 10 ECTS at qualified pass. (Qualified Pass describes marks between 35-39% where the pass mark is 40%).
  • The pass mark is 40% in all components, modules and in the overall subject result.
  • The deadline for the submission of all required assessments, to the relevant subject department, is the end of the assessment week in the semester in which the module is being assessed.
  • Students must have a balanced ECTS credit load across the two semesters, i.e. 30 credits in each semester, with 15 credits in each subject in each semester in academic years where two subjects are studied.
  • Continuous Assessment work done in a semester must be submitted before the end of that semester and no later than the final date of the assessment week.
  • The right to reassessment will be automatic for those students who achieve a fail grade in any of their modules in any standing.
  • Students are allowed to repeat any academic year, if eligible.
  • Students are not permitted to repeat more than two different academic years within a degree programme.
  • Special Examinations are no longer available.
  • A student’s ‘annual’ result will be an accumulation of semester one and semester two assessments. ‘End-of-semester’ assessment will replace ‘annuals’, and ‘reassessment’ will replace ‘supplementals’.


In all this change we in the TSM Course Office and TSM Course Director want to reassure you that the degree you’re registered in will continue until you graduate.

Pattern A: The Overall Degree is calculated on the SS year only, both subjects are weighted equally.

Pattern B: Overall Degree is based on JS and SS results in both the Minor and Major Subjects. The JS year accounts for 50% of the degree, with both subjects are weighted equally. The SS year accounts for the remaining 50%. The Minor Subject is 25% and the combined Major Subject is 75% of the Overall Degree result.

Further Information

You can read more about the Trinity Education Project and find the top 10 facts about the Trinity Education Project for students here.

More details on the new academic progression rules can be found by clicking here.

Email to all TSM students from TSM Course Director.

If you have queries regarding TSM and the Trinity Education Project don’t hesitate to contact Donncha in the TSM Course Office.


Last updated 9 April 2019 by Two Subject Moderatorship (Email).